The Mad T Party Flashback – Halloween T

“This is Halloween… Halloween… Halloween…”

IMG_9056 sm wm

In the original run of the Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure, every three months or so would bring a new set list, resulting in a show that constantly reinvented itself to keep it fresh for the audience and performers alike.

Early on, in winter of 2012, the Christmas version of the Mad T Party (to be spotlighted later this year) debuted to great response and returned the following two years (although its run was curtailed in 2014 by the introduction of the generally disliked and not-returning Freeze the Night! show).

But the fall of 2013 introduced the most popular iteration of the Mad T Party – Halloween T! Which repeated to great acclaim in 2014, but unfortunately did not return in 2015, as the current show has remained the same with an unchanged set list (to the disappointment of regular fans) since it returned in its Diamond Mad T Party form.

So today we’ll look back at what is considered the best version of T with this spiked cup of Halloween-specialty brew!

There were a lot of factors that made Halloween T so popular.

IMG_8542 sm wm

First there were wonderful decorative touches added to the area, including a spookier variation of the overhead lanterns. The lighting and fog packages were amped up tremendously including using black lights to create AMAZING photo opportunities during the show. (Please allow me to overindulge in the photos as a result as these were some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken at T! Note: none of the photos in this article were retouched – these are all exactly as they came out when I took them.)

IMG_0475 sm wm

IMG_0482 sm wm

IMG_0484 sm wm

Then there was the set list which added in recurring performances of “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas as well as introducing the concept of incorporating the Tweedles and the Hottest Deck in Town dancers onto the main stage to perform with the band in their hugely popular “Thriller” number. There were other seasonally twisted songs brought in as well, such as “Disturbia” and “The Time Warp”.

But the number one reason everyone from the band to the audience loved Halloween T was… zombies.

IMG_8557 sm wm

Starting with the first set, the conceit was that the band members started feeling “a little unwell” after something unusual seemed to have been put into their tea. And by the second set, their pallor changed. By the third set, they were looking very poorly indeed. And by the final set, their zombie transformation culminated as their costumes also reflected their newly undead status.

IMG_6980 sm wm

Everyone enjoyed watching the band start slowing down, shuffling about the stage, and often trying to “attack” each other, seemingly hungry for brains or any other body parts in their way!

IMG_6963 cr wm

It was utter madness and total fun to watch!

And while after two years of zombies, I might have been ready for something new this time around, I definitely miss the seasonal change for the party as it seems to be staying in the Diamond version with the same set list all year long. Which is going to make me extremely sad at Christmastime, too, if we don’t get our regular cup of Christmas T.

So for now, if you want to hear a great version of “This is Halloween”, go visit the Halloweentime Dapper Dans’ shows and you won’t be disappointed. Their take on the song is fantastic!

But I do hope that Halloween can return to the Mad T Party once again next year. It makes for such a wickedly good cup of T!

IMG_0480 sm wm

Did you see the Halloween Mad T Party? Is it your favorite version of T or do you prefer the regular show or the Diamond show?

Update 9/13/16: I’ve uploaded several Halloween Mad T Party videos – Check out some of this band’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel


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