Performer Spotlight: Mad Hatter @ The Mad T Party

“I’ll be your light, your match, your burning sun…”

IMG_5960 sm wm

This man of mercury – mercurial man.

Any time he walks onto the Mad T Party stage, the temperature rises and the T boils!

He is a creature of chaos – totally unpredictable. As an audience member, one never has any idea of what he’s going to do – and the sense that he never does either lends a crackling electrical excitement every time he performs.

IMG_2494 sm wm

He is pure unrestrained impulse… instinct… id. He has no filter, no boundaries. You feel like he could jump right off the stage at any second just because he feels like it…

He is madness. He is uncontrollable. He is amazing.

He owns the stage… and everyone on it.

One of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken at T. These two are pure raw perfection!

One of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken at T. These two are pure raw perfection!

He does the assigned choreography perfunctorily because he must. But he comes alive just moving to his own rhythm on the stage. He’s a natural dancer in his own body, not a choreographed one. He has such an un-tempered passion for the music and the performance – whatever he feels in the moment, he does.

And then there is that voice… By leaps and bounds, the most mature, complex and textured voice of any performer at the park. The sound is like warm sandpaper – rough and smooth all at the same time.

That voice is epic – his runs just slay me.

Everything about him is too much – and never, ever enough.

He is mesmerizing. He is glorious. Hatter.

Is he your favorite performer?


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