Performer Spotlight Flashback: Caterpillar @ The Mad T Party

But when I play, I never stay…”

IMG_4581 sm wm

Out of any of the performers in the past few years who I absolutely adored seeing at the park but have since moved on to other opportunities, this guy is one I miss very much.  Not just for his incredible musical skills (which were crazy ridiculous), but for the absolute intensity of his positivity, which is utterly irreplaceable. His pure unfiltered joy on stage was not only contagious, but soul-filling to experience.

And – he was really silly, too! I loved his crazy antics at the Mad T Party – both at the keyboard and when wandering off following the beat of his own drum… err… keys.

He really was just insanely musically talented though – his fingers would fly over those keys at a near-blinding speed.

IMG_4583 sm wm

He was a bundle of energy that a keyboard couldn’t contain. So he played it under or over or any way that he felt like – and sometimes even up in the air!

Yet his energy, while wild, was never manic. It was joyous and celebratory and upbeat – everything about this guy was a party!

And he loved playing to and with his fans – and the feeling was very mutual!

IMG_4797 sm wm

I was always amazed at how one of my very last shots of this guy’s last set of T made it look like a metamorphosis was happening right on stage…

It’s so hard to believe it’s been nearly a year and a half since his last cup of T.

You are very much missed, wonderful former Caterpillar. But it was unsurprising to discover that of anyone at the park, you were the one who could no longer stay put or keep still and instead needed to grow your wings and soar…

Was he your favorite performer?


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