Performer Spotlight: Mr. Smythe @ The Royal Theatre

“Together we will be creating a creation that will take your breath away…”

IMG_4395 sm wm

The sight of Mr. Smythe on stage always makes me smile!

I’m actually not 100% sure this guy can still be found at The Royal Theatre as it’s been over a year since I’ve seen him there. Though as I rarely go to the venue anymore since it switched from Tangled and Beauty and the Beast to Frozen, I may simply have missed him.

And boy, do I miss him!

Mr. Smythe was one of the absolute highlights of the shows at The Royal Theatre for me from its earliest days. Whether he was acting as the narrator of one of the tales or stepping in for one of the characters in their story re-enactments such as a Ruffian in Tangled or the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, this charming raconteur would always be such a happy addition to any performance!

IMG_4431 sm wm

Mr. Smythe as a Ruffian with Flynn Rider.

He has that kind of incredible comedic timing and rhythm that can’t be taught – it’s purely natural and purely funny! He could just bust me up laughing with a look or impromptu line or reaction. Perhaps because of his joke delivery style or even his look, he always reminded me of a young Bob Hope.

IMG_4460 sm wm

It’s Maximus!  A horse of the Royal Guard!

But it was really as much, if not more, for those moments where he would sing, that made me happiest when he was on stage.

Aside from Dapper Peter, I think this guy has the prettiest, sweetest tenor voice in the park. When he would sing “I See the Light” during the Tangled show, it would melt me into a puddle of joy. Sometimes I would literally just close my eyes and listen to him to enjoy that sound to its fullest.

I wasn’t alone in that response either as I noticed he was one who usually had to take an extra moment after a song performance for the audience to stop their cheering for him so the play could continue!

While I understand that on very rare occasions Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, like their character companions in the shows, would stop inside The Royal Theatre to greet guests, I never had the pleasure of seeing them out and about like that. But I still hope someday to have the chance to tell this guy how much genuine pleasure he added to my day whenever I got to see him perform!

Is he your favorite performer?

Update 12/16/15: I’m extremely pleased to report that not long after I posted this, I stopped by The Royal Theatre and whom did I see when the curtain rose?!  Mr. Smythe!  I may have jumped up and down with happiness at the sight of him.  It was just so good to see him there once again!  Funny enough, the Frozen show seemed 100% better with him in it – even if he didn’t get to do the song solos in this one.  And I may have stayed to watch it three times in a row just because I’d missed him so much!  Hey, talent is worth watching… and then re-watching!


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