Performer Spotlight: Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert @ The Royal Theatre

“Are you Flynn Rider?” “Do I look like Flynn Rider?”

IMG_5061 cr wm

Thanks to the influence of a character-loving friend, in recent years I’ve become a bigger fan of meeting characters in general beyond my Wonderland favorites. As a result I’ve had some really delightful, memorable interactions at both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.  But there have been a few instances in particular when I was completely and utterly “starstruck” by the absolutely right-off-the-screen characters I’ve met. I’m featuring one such fellow today and another will be spotlighted next week.

Meet Flynn Rider (aka Eugene Fitzherbert) from the Tangled show at the Royal Theatre in Disneyland Park.

IMG_5072 cr wm copy

Because seriously.  Actually Flynn.  After about five seconds in his presence I was weak in the knees around this guy. As in, I may have been swooning a bit while I was talking to him at the Meet & Greet after the show. And he didn’t even have to give me “the smolder”!

Talk about someone who could charm the birds from the trees! This guy was the epitome of dashing and smooth! But it was all with the biggest twinkle in his eyes and grin on his face knowing EXACTLY how people reacted to him.  Because.  Actually Flynn.

And then when interacting with young ones, he was the sweetest, warmest, most genuinely welcoming soul. I think he may have stolen my heart more when he had the most earnest conversation with a little girl about his nose (a sore subject for Flynn in the film!) than when he ever so gallantly reached for my bags for me after I’d set them aside for a photo opportunity with him and Rapunzel.

Well, no – I couldn’t believe when he went DOWN ON ONE KNEE to hand my bags up to me. My hand may actually have been trembling when I took them from him.  Because.  Actually Flynn.

I don’t usually react like that when meeting characters I like.  But his magnetic and charismatic personality absolutely knocked my socks off!  Talk about making a guest happy to meet you?!  Winner!  Because.  Actually Flynn.

IMG_5076 cr wm

Oh, he was terrific in the show, too, when he helped re-enact the tale of how Flynn and Rapunzel met and fell in love. But he was an absolute STAR off the stage when dealing with the guests.

He. Was. Perfect.

How I wish he and Tangled would return to The Royal Theatre – although if they did, I might need a friend there to catch me in case I swoon again!  Because.  Actually Flynn.

Is he your favorite performer?


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