Character Spotlight: Gaston

Remember last week when I said there have only been a few occasions when I was actually “starstruck” by meeting a character?

Well, that word doesn’t even begin to cover what it was like to meet Gaston from Beauty and the Beast at his Meet & Greet in New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom!

Perfect Gaston is perfect.

Perfect Gaston is perfect.

A better term to describe it might be “gobsmacked”!

You may have seen some of the videos that have gone viral of both children and adults having awesome and hilarious interactions with Gaston – but I can tell you truly, the videos do not do justice to this amazing experience. And in fact, I would venture to say that meeting Gaston is very likely going to be the most memorable and FUN character experience you have in your entire trip!

A pure paragon!

A pure paragon!

Talk about “all about the attitude”. This guy has it – and then some!

He would happily explain just how lucky you are to get to meet him and just how fabulous he truly is! There isn’t an ounce of humility to be found here – there’s simply no room for it next to the pure massive ego of Gaston and that’s why he was just so breathtakingly, astoundingly PERFECT!!!

This was absolutely one of the greatest Meet & Greets I’ve ever had! Honestly, possibly THE greatest!  (Gaston would, of course, agree!)

He was arrogant, taunting and hysterical! But also completely irresistible – and he would gladly tell you so himself!

As a specimen, yes, he’s intimidating! Well, so he says...

As a specimen, yes, he’s intimidating! Well, so he says…

If I could fill a page with the perfection that was this Meet & Greet experience, I would. But all I can really do is tell you to make sure that a stop to visit Gaston (he usually can be found near his namesake Gaston’s Tavern) is HIGH on your priority list when you go to the Magic Kingdom! You won’t regret it!

Have you had the unbelievable good fortune to be graced with Gaston’s incredible presence? If not, you really need to do yourself a very big favor and do so as soon as possible!


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