Giving Back to Disney Parks Cast Members – Leave a Compliment at City Hall

In this week of celebrating what we’re thankful for, I feel so incredibly grateful for the many amazing years of joy that Disney Parks Cast Members have provided.

There have been so many special moments and acts of kindness that have touched my heart and while I can express my gratitude when it happens, there’s an even better way of saying thank you to a Cast Member who has gone above and beyond to make your day just a little bit more magical:

Leave a compliment for them at City Hall.

This is actually an official process in which Cast Members are recognized by their leaders and it goes on their permanent record with the company.

PLEASE DO THIS when a Cast Member does something that merits recognition. They really do appreciate the smiles (or even happy tears) when they can make your day better, but this is such a good, helpful thing for them to receive, that I cannot recommend it strongly enough!

Here is how it works:

When you go to City Hall (or other comparable Guest Relations location in a Disney Park) to leave a compliment for a Cast Member, they will ask for the person’s name who you are leaving a compliment for, the location of where the activity took place, the approximate time, and a description of what behavior you are complimenting.

So when I experience a special interaction with a Cast Member, I make sure to look for their name on their name tag – and either their hometown, which is also on their name tag (i.e. John from Albuquerque), or another characteristic (i.e. Jenny with long blonde hair in a ponytail). I then literally make a note of that name, the time and the location, so I’m prepared when going to City Hall to leave a compliment. It makes it much easier to get that compliment back to the correct person in the correct department when you have specific identifying information!

That said, even if you don’t have all the specifics, please do your best with whatever description you have and they will also do their best to find that person to recognize their actions. One example of this was: I had a wonderful dining experience thanks to a waitress at a park restaurant, so I immediately afterward went to City Hall to leave her a compliment. At which point I realized I’d totally forgotten her name! I could describe her a bit (short with dark hair) and provided the location and the time it just happened, but I completely blanked on her name – because I hadn’t checked her name tag and written it down. I was pretty certain they could find who it was, but the City Hall Guest Relations Cast Member had the bright idea to have me check my dining receipt – and sure enough, there was the Cast Member’s name on it! So again, even if you don’t think you have all of the information you need to leave a compliment, please go anyway and let the Guest Relations staff take it from there!

Unfortunately, you cannot leave a general compliment for multiple Cast Members at City Hall (such as, “Mad T Party is the BEST show in the Disneyland Resort and its performers are awesome!”) – you will be referred to the correspondence page on the Disney Parks websites for such broad feedback.

This process is for commentary about a specific behavior or action that a Cast Member took to make your day more magical – or that you saw them doing for another guest.  You can leave a compliment for observed behavior, too!

Also, it makes the Guest Relations Cast Members so upbeat when you specifically take the time to go there to leave a compliment for a fellow Cast Member – it really brightens their day, too. They have to deal mostly with complaints and questions every day rather than hearing directly about the nice things that happen. And they always seem extra pleased when someone comes in to report something good that they experienced thanks to a Cast Member. So, really you’re making multiple people happy when you leave a compliment at City Hall!

Have you left a compliment for a Cast Member at City Hall or other Guest Relations location? If not, please look for opportunities to do so – the Disney Parks would not be so magical without the daily help of its dedicated Cast Members!


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