Tigger and G – A Magical Moment in the Park

Sometimes the best magical moments in a Disney Park aren’t even about you – they’re about what you see happen to other people.

I’ve witnessed my fair share of marriage proposals (and even a promposal!), for example, at Disney Parks. This is always special and exciting, even when it involves complete strangers.

But it’s not just about big events.  Sometimes, it’s the little things that can be so memorable, too – like spotting someone walking onto Main Street, U.S.A. for their very first time ever and enjoying the sheer wonder on their face as a smile spreads across it.

There is something about watching the magic at Disney unfold, either planned or spontaneous, that just fills your heart with joy.

One such spontaneous experience happened one day while I was sitting near the Firehouse on Main Street at Disneyland Park…

I was waiting for the Dapper Dans to arrive for their next set, along with an elderly gentleman I’ll call “G”, who is also a fan of the quartet.

G is a sweet old fellow who is one of the local community of parkgoers who are regular guests there and I would run into him fairly often while waiting for the Dappers or other park bands to play.

On this day, as we sat and waited and chatted, I noticed that Tigger was crossing Town Square and headed in our general direction. Knowing that the Firehouse was also often used as a character Meet & Greet spot, I figured that was why he was bouncing our way!

Well, he was more walking jauntily when he first started and when nobody else seemed to notice him (it was a quiet day in the park), I felt obliged to at least acknowledge Tigger.  So I waved to him and smiled and said “Hi, Tigger!” and he started bouncing his way right towards us. I became more animated and excited as he approached us, as it’s always fun to have a personal interaction with characters. And by the time he was close, he was really clearly aimed right at us!

G watched quietly and smiled as I engaged with the approaching character as still nobody else was around to form the normal line that would follow the approach of any popular character.

Tigger came right at us at full tilt…

And proceeded to give a big hug…

To G!

At which point I fell over laughing.

And G, who was fully wrapped up in an unexpected Tigger hug, was laughing, too!

Silly Tigger!

It’s just that kind of unanticipated magic that happens every single day at Disney Parks and Resorts. And it’s those unplanned moments of happiness that just *happen* there that make me so grateful I can be there to experience them – even vicariously!

Have you watched a spontaneous (or planned) magic moment happen at a Disney Park that made you thankful you were there to see it?


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