Performers Spotlight: Carrie and Billy @ The Buena Vista Street Community Bell Ringers

“It’s that time of year when the world falls in love…”

Mousertainment Memorandum: I’d originally intended for this article to feature another talented member of The Buena Vista Street Community Bell Ringers that I’m very fond of – Rich – but in looking back, I can’t find my pictures of him. So suffice it to say there’s another charming Bell Ringer out there, whose bright smile and upbeat attitude always made my day happier when I saw him there during my visits to see the Bell Ringers at Disney California Adventure last year. In fact, his presence guaranteed that I’d have to stop and watch the show! But apologies at not having a photo to share!

So today I’d like to focus on two more of my favorite Bell Ringers from the past few years. And I’ll start with the marvelous Carrie “The Canary”!

Bell Ringers Max and Carrie!

Bell Ringers Max and Carrie!

This gal has a fantastic voice and great big personality, so it’s no wonder her fellow Bell Ringers liked to give her a featured solo during the sets! Now, she’d take a little encouragement… but not too much before she’d take to the front with gusto and sing her heart out! Such a character!

Max and Carrie - so adorable together!

Max and Carrie – so adorable together!

I particularly enjoyed her clear appreciation for another favorite of mine, Bell Ringer Max – they just had a delightful chemistry when performing together! And in my opinion, they were the best duo in the group when they’d team up for songs as they both always looked like they were having so much fun!

But speaking of favorites, let’s not forget about Billy…

Billy Bell Ringer!

Billy Bell Ringer!

This guy’s dry delivery and wry humor just kept me grinning and shaking my head with amusement whenever I’d see him. Impish but warm-hearted describes him best, I think!

One of his most impressive qualities as a performer is his constant awareness of the audience, and how effortlessly he weaves his playful interactions with them into the show without missing a beat of the songs that he’s singing (and ringing).

There’s a depth of consciousness to this guy that always makes him such a pleasure to watch. Plus, the funny. And he sings really beautifully, too!

IMG_7561 cr wm

Billy being silly!

All of which makes him one of my most favorite performers in the entire Resort!

Are either of these your favorite performers?


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