Show Spotlight: Three Kings’ Day

“Feliz Navidad!”

IMG_8964 sm wm

What is Three Kings’ Day?

A terrific seasonal discovery near Paradise Gardens in Disney California Adventure during the first week of January this past year was the after-Christmas Three Kings’ Day celebration. An extension of the Viva Navidad! festivities that have been taking place in the same general location, this was a small but absolutely wonderful show that occurred during the week leading up to Three Kings’ Day (Epiphany).

It celebrated and explained the cultural traditions of El Día de los Reyes Magos in a charming musical presentation. The two hosts of the show played guitars and sang songs in Spanish while telling the story (in English) of Three Kings’ Day and how residents of different Latin American countries pay their respects on this day and in the days leading up to it.

Who are the performers?

IMG_8962 sm wm

Two singers with acoustic guitars perform the show together, each taking turns to share the background of this important cultural and religious day.

When and where can I find it?

The show took place this past year in a shady spot near Goofy’s Sky School in the Paradise Pier area of Disney California Adventure, where the Viva Navidad! activities are also held.

If they run the show again this season (and I really hope they do!), it will be during the Three Kings’ Day celebration planned in the park from January 2-6, 2016. I don’t recall if the schedule was printed in the Entertainment Times Guide previously, but I think they did have a sign in the area with the show times listed.

Why spotlight it?

IMG_8960 sm wm

I was so happy to discover this engaging show this past January.

Not only was it educational and appealing to all ages (and cultures), but these two guys are so talented and to hear them singing such beautiful music in Spanish was such a delight that I went back repeatedly to see the show during the week it played.

This simple but so effective performance was the perfect example of how you don’t need much more than a good idea and good music and talented performers to put on a completely satisfying show. For me, this was the true success of last season’s new seasonal entertainment, as opposed the Frozen efforts that seemed to have more production money invested in them, but far less appeal to general audiences.

So if you need some holiday cheer post-Christmas – or even if you just want to hear some good music sung well – check out this show if it returns in January and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Did you watch the Three Kings’ Day show last season? Would you want to see it return again?


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