The Mad T Party Flashback – Christmas T

“All I want for Christmas is you!”

The very first “special” cup of T at The Mad T Party in Disney California Adventure was back in the winter of 2012, just a few months after the show originally debuted. This was the Christmas version of the show. It would prove to be so well received that the even more popular Halloween Mad T Party would premiere in the fall of 2013.

Sadly, due to the never-changing set list of the current Diamond Mad T Party iteration, we not only lost Halloween T this year, but also Christmas T. This is particularly sad as Christmas T was cut short last year to bring in the temporary unsuccessful Freeze the Night! event.

But while I spend my time thankful that we at least have SOME version of The Mad T Party still playing, I thought it was the perfect occasion to look back at what we are missing at Christmas T time…

Christmas T stage decorations in November 2014.

Christmas T stage decorations in November 2014.

The first and most obvious change for Christmas T was the decorations. Snowflakes and red ribbons wrapped the poles around the main stage, while icicle-like lights adorned the trees in the Hollywood Land area around the T Party.

The second big change was the set list. Fun Christmas songs ranging from “This Christmas” to “Run, Run, Rudolph” to “Let it Snow” added great seasonal cheer and merriment to the show – not to mention some nice musical variety!

I don’t want a lot for Christmas… T is all I’m asking for!

I don’t want a lot for Christmas… T is all I’m asking for!

But the big showstopper was when Alice would take to the front of the stage to just tear it up on “All I Want For Christmas Is You”! Really, my Christmas is no longer complete without this. But this year, I have to settle for watching videos of it from the previous holiday seasons!

Yes, Hatter, it’s snowing!

Yes, Hatter, it’s snowing!

And probably the most magical moment of all was when it would begin to “snow”. “Snowfall” at a Disney Park is always so special, but adding that extra touch of magic to my favorite show? Absolute enchantment!

Alice sings as the snow flurries fly!

Alice in the “snow”!

And the band always enjoyed it, too, singing and playing as the “snow” fell around them!

Personally, I’m hoping once the 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration at the Disneyland Resort ends in September 2016, that the regular version of the Mad T Party will return, hopefully quickly followed by Halloween T and Christmas T – two of the best blends ever!

Did you get to enjoy the Christmas Mad T Party in previous holiday seasons? What was your favorite part of the show?

Update 9/13/16: I’ve uploaded several Christmas Mad T Party videos – Check out some of this band’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel


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