Performer Spotlight: Alice @ The Mad T Party

“Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame – so bright she can burn your eyes…”

IMG_2772 sm wm

They call her Perf. They call her Barbie.

But really, she’s like Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop and Elle Woods all rolled into one.

And then some.

The first time you see her, you might be overwhelmed. She does that. But have a second cup of T with this girl at The Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure and you will understand and obey her siren call.

This Alice. That Hatter. Everything.

This Alice. That Hatter. Oh, yes, please.

She simply captivates the audience and all those performing with her, too.

They might as well carve this girl’s name onto the stage because it BELONGS to her. And maybe if you’re very, very good, she’ll share.

Oh and just so you’re forewarned – expect that she’ll quickly own you as a fan, too. I have never seen anyone so completely irresistible as this girl.

THE hair twirl.

THE hair twirl.

Eyes like saucers. Legs for miles. And just wait until this vocal powerhouse starts to SING. She will blow you away!

And there is yet another secret to her success… this creature of whim and whimsy – a mercurial match for a truly Mad Hatter – one NEVER knows what she will do onstage. And seemingly neither does she. When she’s up there, high jinks just… happen.  Which only ferments an already steaming cup of T!

Just accept and be prepared to absolutely worship this girl once you see her perform. We all do.

Is she your favorite performer?


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