Performer Spotlight: Club @ The Mad T Party

“When I just wanna make you smile…”

Since I have not spent nearly enough time praising the dancers at the Resort, I’m well overdue to shine a spotlight toward the amazing dance crew at The Mad T Party in Disney California Adventure. Formerly called The Hottest Deck in Town, they are now referred to as The Most Dazzling Deck in Town at the Diamond Mad T Party.

Each suit of the card deck – Spade, Diamond, Club and Heart – is represented in the crew and they are all a talented group of performers who definitely know how to rock the house! And one of my absolute favorite dancers – not just at T, but in the whole Resort – is this guy!



Dancing is an art, a craft and a skill.

But it is also a perfect expression of human joy. And this guy not only understands and embraces that, but he embodies it. Every one of his dances is filled with smiles – the joy and pleasure of the dance just radiates outward from him. He is so sublimely happy when he dances, that as a result he makes me just ridiculously happy to watch him!

When people consider the greatest dance numbers of all time, Gene Kelly’s iconic title routine in Singing in the Rain is bound to come up. But while most would focus on Mr. Kelly’s physical talents as a dancer and his work with props and set pieces in the choreography, they may overlook what to me has always made this performance pure magic: his smile. Go back and watch this sequence again and just look at Gene Kelly’s face. To me, the dance and the story and the feeling are entirely conveyed there.

And when I watch this guy dance at T, I am reminded that he, too, knows this special key to the dance: LOVE what you’re doing and LET IT SHOW!

IMG_5632 sm wm

Now, this is not in any way to diminish his actual incredible abilities as a dancer either!

He is intent and accomplished in his dancing and he stands out from any group even when he’s in the back, while still being a contributing participant of each team or pair routine.

Since I’ve predominantly seen him do hip-hop style numbers, I have nothing but respect for the way he can totally isolate every bit of his body to move in a myriad of directions simultaneously, while staying in perfect time to the music! And just look so cool while doing it!

And did I mention the smile? Just checking.

And did I mention the smile? Just checking.

But for me, more incredible and special and unique even than his driving, rhythmic moves, is that contagious joy he projects whenever I see him on stage. I simply can’t stay still when he performs as he makes me want to dance my happiness, too!

Dance is a celebration of life – and when this guy dances, it is truly a celebration. And I’m just so glad I get to join that party whenever he is at T!

Is he your favorite performer?


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