Show Spotlight: Country Bear Jamboree

“We hope that you’ll be coming back again!”

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What is the Country Bear Jamboree?

Melvin, Buff and Max introduce the show.

Melvin, Buff and Max introduce the show.

The Country Bear Jamboree at the Walt Disney World Resort is a good old-fashioned hootenanny with audio-animatronic bears – and a few other critters joining in the fun for good measure!

They sing a few country music ditties on instruments ranging from guitar to piano to washboard. They’re introduced from behind curtains, lifted up from beneath the stage or even swinging above it!

There are a few talking heads around to provide comic commentary on the show as well.

All of it combines for a charming, toe-tapping good time – especially for those who’ve enjoyed the show for decades!

For some others, it’s just a good excuse to get out of the heat or the rain for a while!

Who are the performers?

Those lovely Sun Bonnet girls – Bunny, Bubbles and Beulah!

Those lovely Sun Bonnet girls – Bunny, Bubbles and Beulah!

Like the Enchanted Tiki Room and Carousel of Progress, the Country Bear Jamboree is an entirely audio-animatronic show.

The figures include the large cast of bears along with the talking moose, bison and deer heads on the wall.

When and where can I find it?

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Why, just head on over to Frontierland in Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom and you can’t miss the place! (Sadly, the Disneyland Resort version of the show closed many years ago.)

The approximately fifteen-minute long show runs multiple times daily. Check your daily Times Guide or My Disney Experience app for the schedule.

Mousertainment Tip: For those fans of the former Disneyland version of this show, you may be frustrated that it was lost to become the location for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction. Well, even the Imagineers must have felt the loss of the Country Bear Jamboree, for they left a fun hidden memento of the show INSIDE the Winnie the Pooh attraction! As you’re in your vehicle, you may be inclined to look forward and all around you at the brightly colored settings here. However, if you happen to look up and behind you just as you are entering a certain room inside the attraction, you may notice three very familiar figures above you! I shall say no more and let you look for yourself!

Why spotlight it?

Big Al sings his signature song!

Big Al sings his signature song!

This was a longtime family favorite in its Disneyland Park incarnation, so getting to see it once again during my first trip to the Magic Kingdom was a high priority for me. Sadly, it was the one attraction closed for refurbishment during my whole visit!

I knew this ahead of time but was still heartbroken to miss it. Fortunately when I got there, I still had an opportunity to see some of the Country Bears perform… in a somewhat different capacity! I’ll tell you about it tomorrow!

Happily, it was open again, however, on my next trip and I got to experience the show in its current incarnation. This is shorter than the original version as the majority of the comedic interaction with the heads on the wall has been cut. But it was still a joy to see this happy remembrance of my childhood once again.

For me, the show is endlessly repeatable. And any chance I get, I will go see it again. But I understand the sense that by comparison to today’s generation of “more, now, faster” that the show might seem slow and a bit corny. But for me, that’s part of its charm.

Plus I simply adore the music, and the song snippets that are played are never long enough. Particular favorites would be Trixie’s “Tears Will Be the Chaser for Your Wine”, the Triplets’ “All the Guys That Turn Me On, Turn Me Down” (probably my favorite in the show – it’s hilarious!) and of course that country classic – Big Al’s “Blood on the Saddle”.

I utterly adored Big Al even when I was little. I think I even had a plush of him at one point. I wonder where that went to…

I will always have a place in my heart for this show and it will always make me feel young again. And it will always be magical for me to see all the bears performing on that stage!

Do you still have fond regards for the Country Bear Jamboree? Or has it lost some appeal in this fast-paced world we live in?


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