Show Spotlight: Frontierland Hoedown Happening

“That’s what it’s all about!”

What is the Frontierland Hoedown Happening?

IMG_6798 sm wm

You’re casually strolling through the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort when suddenly a Cast Member runs by you whoopin’ and hollerin’ and kickin’ up their heels.

As if from nowhere, another Cast Member joins, then more and more. And the next thing you know, a bunch of characters have jumped in and they’re all dancing together to the music coming from all around!

What’s happening, you ask?

Why, it’s the Frontierland Hoedown Happening! A flashmob-style performance that occurs unpredictably and unannounced but always brings fun and tremendous energy to the land!

It gets even better as the unsuspecting crowd transforms from wondering if these Cast Members have gone crazy from the heat to realizing that it’s actually a show. And then after the first choreographed number, the Cast Members and characters start pulling the crowd in to join the dancing!

Who are the performers?

The performers are made of up of entertainers dressed in what appear to be “regular” Cast Member attraction, dining or merchandise host costumes of the area – just everyday “citizens” of Frontierland. They blend in perfectly with the crowd and location until they start to dance!

They are joined by area-appropriate characters ranging from the Country Bears – including my favorite, Big Al! – to Br’er Bear.

And all the guests in the area are invited to step forward and dance along, too!

When and where can I find it?

The Hoedown happens right in front of the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom. However, as the times for this event are not publicized, you just have to be lucky to hit it at the right moment. When I have seen it, though, it seems to have been in the afternoon. It lasts for just under ten minutes or so.

Why spotlight it?

IMG_6799 sm wm

When I made my first trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, I was very sad to learn that the Country Bear Jamboree would be closed for refurbishment during my entire visit.  But that disappointment was at least somewhat alleviated when I still managed to see some Country Bears after all here at the Hoedown Happening!

Probably to no one’s surprise, I love this show. From its unexpected flashmob introduction and distinctly thematically-appropriate country-western musical flavor where watching it for the first time, I rather felt like I’d fallen into the film Seven Brides For Seven Brothers – plus Disney characters as bonus! to the excuse to get out there and line dance or for the little ones to do the Hokey Pokey with the cast and characters – it’s a winner!

One of my favorite examples of Magic Kingdom entertainment, I definitely hope to catch this again on my next trip!

Mousertainment Tip: Depending on how quickly the characters have to head inside after the show – that Florida sun can be a real bear (haha!) – you may have a quick chance here for a photo op with some of them before they leave. I was lucky enough to catch Big Al here for a bear hug (of course!) and a photo – but we went to stand in a shaded area to do so!

Have you been to the Frontierland Hoedown Happening? Did you or your family get out there and dance?


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