Performer Spotlight Flashback: Jafar @ Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular

“Yes, meet a blast from your past…”

All about the attitude.

All about the attitude.

When one characterizes an iconic villain like Jafar, it takes more than just dialogue recitation and singing ability.  It requires an embodiment of the essence of who he is – and this guy absolutely delivered!

When I think of Jafar, I think of a dry delivery but an oily quality. One who capitalizes on his dominating height and power. A glee in manipulating others. But most especially having a sweeping grandness to his presence and this guy was all that and then some!

He really carried off that theatrical style of superiority that played into every gesture and pose.

IMG_7575 cr wm

But attitude alone isn’t enough on stage.

While some performers can get away with just knowing their lines if they can sing or dance well, this guy made the extra effort to ACT on stage – conveying the motivations and desires of Jafar, not just moving the show along scene by scene.

This was paired with the comedic timing required for the role and, most difficult skill of all – the ability to keep a straight face when Genie started riffing!

Pretty much perfectly sums it up.

Pretty much perfectly sums it up.

And then of course, there’s his wonderful deep voice, so intrinsic to Jafar, that made his solo reprise of the “Prince Ali” number so delightful to hear!

Matched with a beautiful enunciation – he gave each line the gravitas, arrogance and humor it required.

Just an all out winner of a performer and performance – he was a pleasure of a baddie to root against!

Is he your favorite performer?


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