Show Spotlight: Royal Street Bachelors (and Queenie!)

Oh, so neat… Sweet Georgia Brown!”

What are the Royal Street Bachelors?

The four-piece version of the band.

The four-piece version of the band.

The Royal Street Bachelors are a small group of musicians who play a standards, swing and jazz mix in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square.

Some sets they perform strictly as instrumentals (ala the larger Jambalaya Jazz Band – who, although not always listed as scheduled entertainment, sometimes have alternating sets here with the Bachelors).

But for others, they are joined by the energetic singer, Queenie! She not only entertains from the stage, but also wanders out into the audience to engage with them, too.

Who are the performers?

The Royal Street Bachelors and Queenie.

The Royal Street Bachelors and Queenie.

Although Disney advertises the Royal Street Bachelors as a “jazz trio”, when I saw them, there were at first four members of this talented team – one on drums, one on guitar, one on a really cool-looking smaller sized upright bass and one alternating between brass and piano (which is quite an impressive musical range!). Later they were joined by another performer on trumpet.

And at times they are joined by singer, Queenie, who amps up the Mardi Gras feeling every day with her upbeat performances!

When and where can I find them?

IMG_3967 sm wm

The Royal Street Bachelors (and Queenie) can be found on the stage on the outside patio of the French Market counter service restaurant in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square. With the closing of the Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, it’s one of the few venues left in the park where you can enjoy food and live musical entertainment simultaneously.

Check your daily Entertainment Times Guide or the Disneyland App for their schedule.

Why spotlight it?

IMG_4044 sm wm

As a big fan of the Jambalaya Jazz Band (not to mention Five & Dime), it’s taken me a while to make the time to get over to see another jazz/swing band in the Disneyland Resort. And to be honest, it was Queenie I was initially most interested in seeing!

I was curious to see how she would distinguish herself from some of the other lovely jazz singers already performing regularly like Tiana (at Mickey and the Magical Map) or Dime (at Five & Dime – who will be spotlighted tomorrow!).

But Queenie was an absolute delight. She was so animated in her performance (and I don’t mean the drawing kind of animated!), that I thought everyone would jump out of their seats as she worked the crowd! But really, they were mostly interested in finishing their meals. Which made her work all the harder to keep that energy up – total respect for her commitment to the show!

I also really loved hearing the Bachelors by themselves in their instrumental sets – it was such a pleasure to just sit and listen to them! Without a singer, they’re a little more low key of an ensemble than Jambalaya Jazz – more bluesy vs. Jambalaya’s Dixieland style. But it was a really relaxing and pleasant way to pass the time – I hadn’t felt that peaceful and mellow just sitting and listening to music in the park since losing the original Disneyland Band. And as far as I’m concerned, there’s enough frenetic energy in the park already – it’s nice to still find one quiet corner just to soak in the ambiance and good music. I’d absolutely go back and see this group again!

Plus, as has happened when listening to Jambalaya Jazz – I also got some beads tossed my way – yay!

Have you enjoyed a meal and music with the Royal Street Bachelors in New Orleans Square? Did you like the instrumental sets or the sets with Queenie best?


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