Performer Spotlight: Dime @ Five & Dime

“I found a million dollar baby in a five and ten cent store…”

IMG_1622 cr wm

I have waited WAY too long to spotlight this amazing gal! She’s one of the best singers at the Resort – and when it comes to jazzing it up – THE best!

Just the sound of her vocals making way in that old jalopy down Hollywood Boulevard with the rest of the Five & Dime band is enough to fill my heart with happiness and the sight of her performing just kicks it up even higher!

A total pro – this gal is just quality, class and ridiculous talent too! I absolutely adore watching (and listening!) to her sing!

And she can sing, sing sing!

And she can sing, sing sing!

She has such an old-soul feeling about her that she fits perfectly into this period show – it is completely believable that she stepped right out of a 1930’s jazz club.

IMG_1613 sm wm

There’s a true warmth to her as well as power in her performance, but there’s no disguising it, even for a ‘shopgirl’, there is a sophisticated old-school elegance about this special chanteuse when she starts to sing. She is simply magnificent and one of the park’s real treasures. A “million dollar baby” and then some!

Is she your favorite performer?


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