Performer Spotlight: Diamond @ The Mad T Party

“Shine bright like a diamond…”

In honor of Valentine’s Day this weekend, I thought I’d give a little twist and instead of celebrating Hearts… since I’ve already spotlighted Club, I’m going to celebrate Diamond and Spade! I think in this Diamond Anniversary year, it’s appropriate to start with Diamond!

IMG_1921 sm wm

I was thrilled when the Diamond Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure moved the dance crew over to the stage closer to the band as it meant I could see them perform far more often than on their former stage at the Mad T Party. And getting to see them recurrently made me gain even more respect for the talented dancers there!

One of them who pretty much immediately captured my attention was this girl.

IMG_1936 sm wm

I’d seen her on the main stage previously in the various band numbers that included the dancers and I had already noted her as someone special. But getting to watch her do the full several-minute-long Most Dazzling Deck in Town dance crew routines uninterrupted made me an even bigger fan of hers!

This girl is so fierce and intense, and there’s such a strength to her petite frame. She’s like a warrior on that stage – she could dance anyone else down who dared face her!

IMG_1952 sm wm

But the really eye-catching thing about her is that when she moves, it’s like no one else on the stage. She has her own style of motion that’s uniquely her and it forces your attention onto her to absorb it. And yet, it’s like the choreography here was created just for her and the way her body moves – it suits her so perfectly!

I love how she holds every single one of her poses in its perfect form to show them each off individually. She’s like a model as much as a dancer – “Look at me!” every position she takes demands it! And I gladly do so every time she performs! It’s worth appreciating every facet of this Diamond!

Is she your favorite performer?


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