Performer Spotlight: Spade @ The Mad T Party

“It’s goin’ down for real…”

IMG_6953 cr wm

Some dancers I love to watch. Some I want to dance WITH – and this guy is one I would want to go clubbing with because it would be so much crazy fun! (Not that I could remotely keep up with him, of course!)

He’s a raw, physically, rhythmically-driven dancer – who looks like he learned as much by simply doing as by training. He can perform every move in the Mad T Party show, but you can sense him fighting himself wanting to do even more, just freestyle and do his own thing to the music as it calls to him. He seems caged at times by the choreography though he always brings his own energy and style to it.

Watching him, the dance just EXPLODES from this guy and the T stage isn’t really big enough to contain him or his incredible hip-hop moves.

IMG_7060 cr wm

There is both a challenge and an invitation when he dances – which is probably why I really enjoy those times when I can get right up front when he’s on stage at T, wishing I could take up both the challenge and the invitation. (Again, I’d look ridiculous by comparison to his talent and ability, but he inspires and pulls one to want to dance with him when he’s on stage, which I think is so exhilarating to be around!)

There’s an untamable edge and spark to him and his moves are so distinctive.

Beautiful to watch even in rare moments of stillness.

Beautiful to watch even in rare moments of stillness.

He’s just so legit when he dances, you can tell it’s something he was born to do. And I’m just so happy to be there when he does!

Is he your favorite performer?


3 thoughts on “Performer Spotlight: Spade @ The Mad T Party

  1. You are so right the stage can’t contain him, he deserves his recognition and the chance to move forward. I love watching him and his abilities as a performer, dancer, choreographer and his talent in singing his own music. His name is the incredible Phillip Roebuck Jr. Thank you for giving a well deserved recognition to this incredible and humble person.

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