Performer Spotlight: Yuri @ The Bootstrappers

“I had six pints and then six others…”

My favorite photo I’ve taken of Yuri – just so perfect!

My favorite photo I’ve taken of Yuri – just such a perfect moment!

Yuri is the Prince of Pennywhistles when he plays with The Bootstrappers in Disneyland Park’s New Orleans Square!

He’s really wonderful with his satchel of tin whistles that he carries at his side. I love listening to the lilting tones produced as his dexterous digits fly across the finger holes and I always look forward to his solos (playing or singing). Sometimes he gets to do an entire instrumental number – a pied piper beckoning the crowds to him. And it really does do the trick. People hear the music he plays and simply have to follow the sound to its source!

Yuri looks ready to share a story or a song!

Yuri looks ready to share a story or a song!

At that point, it’s too late for the audience to escape as the merry pirate crew sings tales of their (often drinking) adventures! Yuri seems to specialize in songs extolling the virtues of vodka or whiskey or the results of such libations!

But I always enjoying seeing how he makes a song into a story – it’s just utterly entertaining and endearing! Whether it’s a tale of heartbreak or treasure-hunting, this guy always manages to perform the story, not just sing it, which always makes him so much fun to watch, especially during his solos!

Yet I also love the quiet moments, when it’s someone else’s turn to step forward and he quietly and intently plays along in the background until it’s his turn for the spotlight once again.

Whenever I see this guy out with the Bootstrappers – which is happily often – I always hope he’ll do one of my favorite of their songs, “Bully in the Alley”. I’ve been known to request that one when I’ve had the chance! I just love the joy and rhythm and storytelling fun that he particularly brings to this number!

To me, he is an absolute required staple of The Bootstrappers and it just doesn’t seem quite the same show if I stop by on a day he’s not there!

Is he your favorite performer?


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