Performer Spotlight: Dormouse @ The Mad T Party

Uptown funk you up – say what?”

IMG_3431 sm wm

If anyone at The Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure deserves an award for most growth as a performer over the years – it’s this guy!

Considering one tends to think of rock guitar players as outrageous showmen, when the Party began, this guy always seemed – for lack of a better term – a little mousy!

Okay, maybe “quieter” is more accurate. Again, I know it’s not exactly the best description, but it really seemed like he was like this shy wallflower at the start, who has blossomed into his own colorful full bloom of a confident performer who knows now exactly who he wants to be. And it has been a fun evolution to watch!

IMG_3820 sm wm

He has really gone from being an introverted performer to an extroverted one, who is much more comfortable playing to and with the crowd than when he started.

Early on, he seemed content being just one of the players hanging in the background. But nowadays he steps forward on his own ready to headline!

IMG_6387 sm wm

He always had the guitar chops – he just needed to find his own on-stage confidence to become the performer he was meant to be. And his time at the Mad T Party has helped give him that.

Of course his ridiculously chiseled features that make so many of the young girls in the crowd swoon don’t hurt either! Yet he still retains this natural endearing “aww shucks, who me?” quality that charms as well.

Watching him grow into his own personal style over the past few years has been a journey I’m glad to have seen. This guy is definitely one to keep an eye on as he is going places!

Is he your favorite performer?


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