The Mad T Party and Diamond Mad T Party Crew – An Appreciation

For any show, anywhere, there are SO many more people involved in making it happen than just the star performers.

So this feature today is for the crew.

For all of the people involved in making The Mad T Party and Diamond Mad T Party happen all of these nights for the past four years.


In the final week of the Diamond Mad T Party, everyone went a little mad.  Some of the techs even wound up on stage briefly – in this case, dancing with the Tweedles!

For the tech team who set up the stage and tear it down each night. Who check that the sound, the lighting, the smoke, the bubbles, the snow, and the musical instruments are all in working order. Who cover the stage on rainy days and mop it down afterwards so the show can go on.


And here dancing with the White Rabbit DJ!

For the more peripheral performers who don’t get the recognition for what they do – whether it’s as Hatter Hosts revving up the crowd in the afternoons (especially early favorites Jeff and Jilly who created perfect mad fun whenever they were around!) or walking on stilts with the flamingoes to the delight of anyone nearby.


Hatter Hosts and a flamingo at the Diamond Mad T Party!

For the Cast Members who work the location – doing crowd control, security, clean-up or serving drinks or snacks at the nearby bars. Those cups of ice on hot days were lifesavers!

For the costumers and hair and makeup folks who keep everyone on stage looking so beautiful – and fix all the ripped lace and torn pants, and adjusted all as the years went on and made it all sparkle.

For the creatives who came up with the idea for the Mad T Party and Diamond Mad T Party and championed both to reality.

For the carpenters and rigging people who built the stage and the props and the group who decorated (and re-decorated) the area.


Techs running the sound and lighting booth for the Diamond Mad T Party.

For the music team who picked the tremendous range of songs for the band to sing and dancers to dance to, even as the seasons changed. For our amazing choreographer!!!!!!

For Tim Burton who allowed Disney to create a show that touched so many lives over the course of these years.

And to anyone else I’m forgetting or unaware of who took part in giving us every single glorious cup of T…

I can only say thank you. And it will never, ever be enough.


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