Performer Spotlight: Caterpillar @ The Mad T Party

Oh, sweet child o’ mine…”

IMG_6262 sm wm

It is a very, very close competition, but this guy may possibly be the most adorable person on The Mad T Party stage at Disney California Adventure.

There are certainly several others who could also vie for that title (ahem, this girl, this guy, this girl, this girl), but this guy is definitely a contender.

A little quiet when he first hit the stage, he’s now a full-fledged attention-grabber who may actually spend as much if not more time away from his keyboard than at it!

But because he’s utterly winning and sweet in his “look at me” antics, he can get away with it!

I think it really started with “Spiderwebs”, the song that Alice sings to Caterpillar. His enthusiasm and eagerness in that performance received such great response that it encouraged him to play around more during other songs as well.

And the more he does, the more his ‘adorkable’ charm appeals to the crowd!

He may try to help out Dormouse on guitar…

IMG_6354 sm wm

Or get a little TOO close to Alice when she’s singing…

IMG_6366 sm wm

Or just wander randomly around the stage – yet somehow he makes it all irresistibly lovable!

I think Caterpillar has always been the biggest mischief-maker in the band (though a certain Cheshire Cat might give Caterpillar some competition there!), and this guy is no exception.

He just always makes me smile when I see him. Even when he’s just bouncing along to the music at the back of the stage – he’s a standout!

Is he your favorite performer?


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