Happy Earth Day Birthday to Animal Kingdom!

On April 22, 1998, Disney’s Animal Kingdom officially opened at the Walt Disney World Resort. And its celebration of nature, animals, the planet and conservation has continued daily ever since.

I can think of no more emblematic way to celebrate than by sharing the beauty of the iconic Tree of Life. It simply took my breath away the first time I saw it in person…

IMG_6843 sm wm

No matter what angle you view it from…

IMG_6845 sm wm

It’s beautiful!  (And HUGE!)

Let’s add in a few pretty pictures of the resident Mt. Everest while we’re at it!

IMG_6842 sm wm

You can almost hear the Yeti roar just looking at the photos!

IMG_6848 sm wm

But you really cannot comprehend the glory of this park without seeing it for yourself in person!

And even with the Rivers of Light show recently announced as being postponed to later this year (a new opening date has yet to be revealed), there is still the wonderful Festival of the Lion King show running here, plus the forthcoming The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic Show on Discovery River and The Tree of Life Awakens light show both starting Memorial Day weekend! You will also find musical entertainment at both the Harambe Wildlife Parti and Discovery Island Carnivale starting that same date.

So much more than just a place to see animals – though you can certainly do that, too – this summer bodes well for the evolution of this park into a full day (and night!) experience – and that’s a treat everyone can enjoy!

Is Animal Kingdom your favorite park? It’s certainly one of the most scenic!


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