Super Hero HQ Flashback and the New Marvel Meet & Greet at Disney California Adventure

Mousertainment Memorandum: It was a tough call this week whether to feature Star Wars (as this week we celebrated the universe on May the 4th) or Marvel in honor of the release of Captain America: Civil War. Cap won. REALLY excited to see the movie tomorrow – I hope it’s as good as it looks!

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Just a few months after it had opened above the Star Wars Launch Bay in the former Innoventions building in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, Super Hero HQ quietly closed.

However, while it was open for those couple of months, it housed the Iron Man Tech exhibit, the Thor Meet & Greet location, and replacing the original Captain America Meet & Greet spot was a Meet & Greet with Spider-Man.

Before the area closed, I made sure to stop by upstairs one last time to visit Thor in Asgard and to check out the Spider-Man Meet & Greet.

Thor, you are already missed!

Thor, you are already missed!

While I’ve always loved Spidey, and in fact his is one of my most favorite Super Hero movies, I was so annoyed by Cap losing his spot to Peter Parker, that until it was closing, I hadn’t bothered to go visit Spidey. And that was clearly my mistake.

Ant-Man costumes and props at the Spider-Man Meet & Greet.

Ant-Man costume and props at the Spider-Man Meet & Greet.

The location wasn’t much to speak of – it was a re-dress of Cap’s area. All the graphics there had been changed and the props displayed were (slightly oddly) from other Marvel films such as Ant-Man. I guess, ant/spider, both bug-related?

A visit with the wall crawler!

A visit with the wall crawler!

But meeting Spidey was every bit as fun as it should have been – he captured the youthful spark and sense of mischievous fun that I loved about him since I was a kid. And only a few seconds into my interactions with him, I already knew I wanted to go back and talk to him again sometime! (Yes, he’s a talking character despite the mask.)

The only other things sprinkled around the upper level were basically merchandise/shopping opportunities – from D-Tech phone cases to video games and t-shirts. Still, it was a decently themed area and I was sorry to see it go so quickly.

And where did it all go? To the future rumored location of Marvel Land in Disney California Adventure – into the Hollywood Land Backlot area.

Along the street leading to the Backlot, one of the stores that formerly housed various types of Disney merchandise (and was the home of Mad T Party hoodies and t-shirts before that show recently closed), is now pretty much an all-Marvel store – again showing the incremental theming shift for the area. (Please don’t get me started on the rumor of Guardians of the Galaxy taking over the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Frankly, I just don’t want to think about losing even more of the successful California theming of this park.)

And in the Meet & Greet location across from the Hyperion Theatre, which formerly featured Sulley at a Monsters University themed backdrop, as well as where recently The Incredibles characters had met with guests, now is a New York-style building backdrop where both Captain America (who has returned now that he has a new film in theaters) and Spider-Man meet with guests. Thor has remained in Asgard and is not currently a Meet & Greet character (though I expect he will return when his next movie is released).

Spidey’s new Meet & Greet spot.

Spidey’s new Meet & Greet spot.

Although side-by-side, the photo ops are separate, I believe. I’ve yet to brave the line but plan to do so at some point in the coming weeks.

Cap’s new Meet & Greet spot.

Cap’s new Meet & Greet spot.

And while I assume it’s ultimately a temporary location, it still seems a little low-rent when compared to the nicer individual spaces they had inside Super Hero HQ/formerly Innoventions. So I hope a more permanent location, worthy of our Marvelous Super Heroes, is built sooner rather than later. If only since the summer months here will be brutal to wait in the heat and any rainy days will keep the crowds away as well.

Have you visited the new Marvel Meet & Greet location in Disney California Adventure? Did you prefer Super Hero HQ?


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