Show Spotlight: Disney “Alice Through The Looking Glass” Sneak Peek

What is Disney “Alice Through The Looking Glass” Sneak Peek?

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The image looks a bit off as it is shown on the screen in 3D. If you put on your 3D glasses in the theater, the title would seem to be floating in front of the background.

This is a 10-minute long promotional preview for the new Disney film Alice Through the Looking Glass at Disney California Adventure (and also at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort playing in the theater at One Man’s Dream). It features extended scenes from the movie and runs only in 3D so you must wear the glasses provided – and return them to the bins outside afterward!

Through the 3D looking glass…

Through the 3D looking glass…

Prior to entering the theater in Hollywood Land, however, you wander through the remnants of the only partially-covered leftover decorations from the Frozen Sing-Along in the hallway and lobby. Once inside the lobby, the only items of note are a pair of photo booths (previously seen at the D23 Expo 2015) which allow the users to step inside and have video projections of themselves morphed into the various Looking Glass characters while the bystanders watch on the video screen outside the booth. I did not try this, but my understanding is that you can then email the video to yourself afterwards.

After a few minutes’ wait for the previous screening to end, you are allowed to enter the theater to wait for the video presentation to begin.

Who are the performers?

A lit movie poster at the entrance to the theater lobby.

A lit movie poster at the entrance to the theater lobby.

There are no performers – just a Cast Member who introduces the preview and tells you when to put on your 3D spectacles!

Otherwise, it’s just what you see onscreen.

Well, maybe not quite… at Disney California Adventure this is advertised as a “4D” experience, meaning there are in-theater effects. Honestly, I only really noticed one – when I was getting rained on (yeah, keep your electronics put away during this one – you’re not allowed to record this show anyway)!

When and where can I find it?

Outside the Sneak Peek.

Outside the Sneak Peek.

Mousertainment Memorandum: I’ll admit, it really stings that they’re using Mad T Party props as decorations for the movie preview. T itself would have been a better promotion in my opinion!

The Disney “Alice Through the Looking Glass” Sneak Peek runs from May 6-June 6 at the newly re-named Sunset Showcase Theater (formerly the home of the Muppets 3D show and the Frozen Sing-Along) in the Backlot area of Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure.

It plays daily in approximately 20 minute intervals – although the day I tried to see it, there were technical difficulties and it was well over an hour before it was back up and running again! Check with the Cast Members in front of the theater for show times.

Why spotlight it?

The photo booths in the lobby.

The photo booths in the lobby.

Because it’s Alice and I’m mad, of course!

Would I recommend it? Maybe as an excuse to sit down for ten minutes (though you’re better off doing that inside the Animation Courtyard in the Disney Animation building in Hollywood Land – to be spotlighted at a later date!). Or to get out of hot weather or rain. But a movie preview is not really the best way to spend your time in a theme park in my opinion. You might as well just watch the official movie trailers on YouTube in your spare time – they give you as good a sense of the film as this does. And in fact, I felt like I saw a little too much of the plot with these extended scenes. (Though it didn’t stop me from going to see the movie in a theater on opening night an experience to be featured here tomorrow – as it was one of my most anticipated films of 2016!)

However, it did remind me that I hate watching films in 3D – they give me motion sickness. In fact it was one of the things I was NOT looking forward to about seeing it at the El Capitan Theatre this week. I always prefer 2D so I can actually enjoy a film properly without all the swooping about of the camera making me nauseous!

It was also frustrating to see a space that could house an actual live entertainment show (or an animatronic one) instead used to run movie previews that people could just as easily watch at home. If they’re going to keep this space for a film-related attraction, I’d much rather see an import of Mickey’s Philharmagic from the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort – a great show with both film and “4D”-style practical effects!

Have you gone to see the Disney “Alice Through The Looking Glass” Sneak Peek? Do you think it’s a good use of the theater space (and guests’ time) at the park?


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