Performer Spotlight Flashback: March Hare @ The Mad T Party

“You act so shy…”

With the recent abrupt closing of the Diamond Mad T Party, I still hadn’t finished the features on all of my favorite Mad T Party performers, so as the year goes on, I will continue to spotlight a few more of the talented folks I was introduced to there.

Today, it’s the turn of this oh-so-shy bunny!

IMG_1074 sm wm

An endearing delight from the first time he stepped onto the T stage, this guy always took extra coaxing to get him to step out from behind the microphone (as he seemed content hiding back there) and towards the welcoming audience. But I always enjoyed his gentle, sweet demeanor onstage and encouraged him with cheers whenever I saw him. Sometimes it even worked and I got a grin in return!

IMG_0864 cr wm

Clearly initially more comfortable in his safe zone towards the back of the stage, as time went on he was becoming more involved, playing around with his fellow performers, including the Dormouse and Hatter. But he still seemed as shy around Alice as he did with the fans.  Though for me, this was part of his charm.

And really, this cautiousness with crowd and crew wasn’t necessary. Not only was the T family happy to have him join, but he was a strong, talented presence on the bass, too! And quiet as he seemed, I’m convinced there was some serious rock n’ roll in there just waiting to break out!

IMG_0999 sm wm

I believe with more time on that stage, he would really have completely come into his own at T, as he was starting to interact with the crowd more – and I’m just sorry he didn’t have enough time there to totally break out of his shell (or should I say rather – into his ears?) as clearly there was a lot he could bring to the party!

Was he your favorite performer?


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