Mousertainment’s Favorite Bands: Faultlines

Faultlines in their element.

Faultlines in their element.

Sometimes all you really need are some smooth tunes to help you get through a rough day. And in that case, it’s time for some Faultlines.

This amazing trio has been performing together for a while and has had gigs in Southern California, Northern California, New York and more. They are a real treasure just waiting to be discovered and I’m excited to watch where future opportunities will take them.

Faultlines is made up of two lead singers and a guitar player who also sings with them. They perform both incredible unique versions of familiar hit songs (their take on Aerosmith’s “Dream On” brings down the house every single time) and continue to add in their original music as well.

IMG_0095 cr wm

Fans of this group (and I’m one) love their pop-folk style original tunes and joyfully sing along with these new songs just as loudly as with the cover songs they make fresh again in new interpretations.

You’ll find some very talented songwriting as well as singing here! Seriously, their songs are just addictive – “Me & New York City” and the heartbreaking “February” are truly wonderful! Their new single drops this coming week and I’m excited to hear it!

IMG_6496 sm wm

I also particularly enjoy the unexpected mashups they do such as a “Come Together” (Aerosmith rocked-up interpretation)/”Royals” (Lorde) combination. Such creative arrangements appeal to both classic and contemporary music fans.

But what really makes Faultlines special and worth listening to is their sound. In an unusual switch-up, the male lead singer sings in a beautiful high range while the female singer has a blastingly powerful lower register. Then the guitar player harmonizes in a beautiful mid-range sound between them. It makes for a glorious audio experience!

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire!

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire!

I’ve been lucky enough to catch them a few times in coffeehouse gigs, which seems the perfect setting for them (for now, until this gem of a music group is recognized by the larger industry and audience). There’s something about their laidback but fun vibe that just fits into such a relaxed atmosphere and I’ve loved seeing them in this kind of environment.

I expect great things to happen for this talented team, but while I can still catch them performing locally, I happily do so!

Have you seen Faultlines perform? Do you enjoy the coffeehouse music experience?

Update 9/13/16: I’ve uploaded a few Faultlines videos – Check out some of this band’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel


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