Performer Spotlight: Dapper Jason @ The Dapper Dans of Disneyland

“In your eyes so blue!”

Tip of the hat to you, too, Jason!

Tip of the hat to you, too, Jason!

As I’ve mentioned before about The Dapper Dans of Disneyland, funnily enough, there are several Dappers with the same first name.

So while I previously featured Dapper Jason – the baritone, today it’s time to feature Dapper Jason – the lead!

In my initial years of following the Dappers, sightings of lead Jason were fairly rare for me, though he definitely made a positive impression. But lately I’ve had the pleasure of watching him more often – and I’ve quickly become a big fan!

Upon first look, it’s like he stepped right out of a turn-of-the-20th-century barbershop quartet and he just sets the scene when he’s out singing with them. Maybe it’s that red hair with the sideburns, but he fits in so properly with that period style – he’s just got the perfect appearance for a Dapper Dan as far as I’m concerned.

Two of my favorite guys in the entire Disneyland Resort – Dapper Jason and Dapper Jon! Though they’re both such rascals - each in their own way!

Two of my favorite guys in the entire Disneyland Resort – Dapper Jason and Dapper Jon! Though both can be such rascals when they perform!

But while his look is proper, by nature this guy has such a (good-hearted) youthful instinct for mischief that you might want to duck if he turns your way!

There is a constant impish twinkle in his eyes – which should warn you that he is one to stir things up! He just loves an excuse to turn around and shine a teasing spotlight on others – whether that’s pulling someone out from where they’re hiding in the crowd to join a Dapper Dan sing-along or putting his fellow Dappers on the spot by unexpectedly announcing “we’re now going to sing __________’s favorite song” and they have to come up with one in the moment! He’s really got the spirit of an eternally naughty little boy – and yet, he sounds so reasonable and “innocent” while he’s doing it that you forgive him as immediately as you want to scold him!

He’s a troublemaker – but in the best possible way! And it really is part of his top quality as a performer… 

You can't help but be delighted when he sings to you.

You can’t help but be delighted when he sings to you.

Which is that whatever he does, it’s meant and delivered with such utter charm and appeal that you could forgive him anything – even embarrassing you with a serenade!

He really could coax the birds from the trees if he wanted to with his sheer engaging personality – but it just so happens he sings pretty, too!

By a combination of waggish humor, goodwill and talent, Jason has completely captured my attention as a fan – and I think when you see him, you’ll find him absolutely irresistible, too!

Is he your favorite performer?


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