Performer Spotlight Flashback: Johnny @ TOMASINA

Mousertainment Memorandum: I hadn’t initially planned on doing this feature this week, but the rumor mill is alive with hopeful speculation that the Tomorrowland Terrace bands may make a return appearance this summer. So in accordance with that optimism, I’m going to feature someone I would look forward to seeing play there once again!

“Oh, everybody waits so long…”

IMG_9670 sm wm

Johnny singing to the crowd!

Johnny started out as more of an occasional guitar player with TOMASINA at the Tomorrowland Terrace in Disneyland Park, but quickly clearly became one of Tomasina’s favorite musicians to work with.

As she had a tendency to do, she nurtured and encouraged him to break out of his shell and comfort zone, so by the time he’d been playing with her for a while, he had become a confident singer and performer in his own right.

She saw the starpower within this talented guy and helped him bring his light out to shine!

She also may have been a fashion influence on him…

A fun part of any show featuring Tomasina was seeing what wild outfits she would wear. And while Johnny didn’t always go for the glam at her shows, he definitely developed a habit of changing outfits between sets, so one set might see him in jeans and a t-shirt, another might see him in a suit jacket and slacks!

Totally looks like a young Elvis Presley – am I right?!

Total young Elvis look – am I right?!

Personally, I liked any slim, fitted look that brought out his striking resemblance to a young Elvis Presley. Though I think he preferred a funkier Prince-influenced style!

Johnny at TOMASINA’s Halloween show – they all dressed as their favorite rock stars!

Johnny at TOMASINA’s Halloween show – they all dressed as their favorite rock stars!

But ultimately with any performer it’s about the talent! While, as noted, it took him some time to find his confidence as a singer as well as a guitar player, by the end of his run at Tomorrowland Terrace with TOMASINA, Johnny had become a star in his own right. And the fans looked forward to his moments of taking the front of the stage, not just the side! Especially in what became “his” signature song with the band – the Rolling Stones hit “Miss You“.

And all the while a very proud Tomasina would stand off to the side, singing backup for him and grinning at the performer he had grown into!

I hope to have the chance to see Johnny shine once again in the spotlight along with the rest of the talented TOMASINA band later this summer if the rumors prove correct!

Was he your favorite performer?


3 thoughts on “Performer Spotlight Flashback: Johnny @ TOMASINA

  1. That would be nice if Disneyland would bring back the live music to the Tomorrowland Terrace. I have so many great memories of seeing the live bands on that stage on the weekends and dancing to the music.

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