Performer Spotlight: Lucky the Pirate

“Give me a career as a buccaneer…”

Lucky entertains by Harbour Galley.

Lucky plays by Harbour Galley.

Amongst all the entertainment cutbacks, I was happy to discover that some occasional new entertainment is still being introduced at the Disneyland Resort.

I recently encountered this happy – or should I say fortunate? – addition to the denizens of New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park in the form of Lucky the Pirate!

Separate from one of my other favorite groups in this area, The Bootstrappers (who he will sometimes join for a song or two), Lucky the Pirate is an individual roaming singer and guitar player who wanders all over New Orleans Square. Though I most often find him around the Harbour Galley quick service food spot across from The Haunted Mansion or walking along the circumference of the Rivers of America.

Lucky visiting with The Bootstrappers!

Lucky visiting with The Bootstrappers!

I’ve also spotted him singing with The Bootstrappers at the Sky Room location between shops near the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

But no matter where he goes, he can always be found improvising a song…

He will greet everyone he passes and often stop them (especially if there are younger guests to delight with his personal serenades) to chat for a moment or two and then create a tune just about them!

One pirate sings and plays as another listens on!

One pirate sings and plays as another listens on!

He really is such a talent when it comes to quick compositions on the fly. And it really tickles the young ones to hear songs made up especially for them!

So if you find Lucky while you’re passing through New Orleans Square, don’t be shy about stopping and engaging with him in a pirate-y conversation – he might just sing you a song in return!

Mousertainment Tip: Like Farley the Fiddler, Lucky the Pirate is not listed on any entertainment schedule, so it’s often luck of the draw (so to speak) to find him. It’s my understanding that he’s usually only out on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. However, while nearby Cast Members might be able to help you with Farley’s schedule where he is at, very few seem to know Lucky’s schedule, so my best suggestion if you see him is to ask him yourself when he’ll next be out and about! Though a general rule of thumb – at least on Fridays – is to find him out between Bootstrappers sets, often starting as they are ending!

Is he your favorite performer?


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