Performer Spotlight Flashback: March Hare @ The Mad T Party

I’m finished making sense…”

March Hare with Alice – just love this picture!

March Hare with Alice – just love this picture!

This week marks the 65th anniversary of the release of Disney’s animated version of Alice in Wonderland. In honor of that occasion, we’re returning down the rabbit hole this week to spotlight two more talented performers from the former Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure.

Today, the focus is on this very curious bunny!

IMG_6337 sm wm

This guy was one of the first regular performers I saw at T early on and while I didn’t get to spend as much time seeing him there on the bass in later days, when he was on stage, it was always fun.

A great bass player – the instrument just naturally belonged in his hands. It was effortless and comfortable to watch him play. One got the sense he could as easily have played it with his eyes closed. And sometimes, he did!

But what made him so interesting to watch was the combination of sweetness and sudden spurts of random spontaneity that gave him his truly mad air!

As if he’s thinking, “Hmm, what strange creatures these Mad T fans are!”

As if he’s thinking, “Hmm, what strange creatures these Mad T fans are!”

His favorite pose of staring at someone and cocking his head in quizzical confusion gave him an eternally questing attitude. It was as if he never really understood why we were looking at him – and yet found it amusing.

I always thought there was an almost Stan Laurel quality about him – maybe something about the way he held his face and blinked his eyes. I couldn’t totally explain it but that’s who he reminded me of – a silent movie character, wise but foolishly comical.

One always felt like he was both gentle and just slightly offbeat enough that he was impossible to ever quite pin down. He was his own creature and while he worked happily with the other members of the band, there was always the sense that he inhabited his own world on that stage and it just occasionally bounced into others’ by happenstance.

It all served to make him an entertaining, fascinating and quirky-yet-charming addition to the group!

Was he your favorite performer?


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