My Labor of Love For This Labor Day Weekend – The Mousertainment YouTube Channel

I’ve had the desire for a while to find a place to showcase some of the many videos I’ve taken at the Disney Parks (and elsewhere) over the past few years. So I finally took it upon myself to start the task!

It’s still a work in progress – and will continue to be as long as I film more performances to share. But I’ve loaded about 200 videos so far from the past five years and hope you find some to enjoy!

Here you’ll find clips of many of the performers I’ve spotlighted on my blog.

They include everyone from The Dapper Dans of Disneyland and The Bootstrappers to the 80z All-Stars and TOMASINA, as well as local favorite bands like LIGHTS and performances from Disney Parks shows like Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular and Mickey and the Magical Map!  And of course, there are LOTS of videos from The Mad T Party and Diamond Mad T Party!

And while I’ll acknowledge using the unpopular vertical perspective in many cases, there is a practical reason for it – I’m sharing whenever possible an up close view of what’s happening and I found early on that if I take video horizontally, I wind up cutting off most of the performers’ bodies from the video. And since most of the singers who I admire can also dance, you’re missing half the performance without a full view!

I am working on retraining myself to take more horizontal video to post for larger groups or shows, but I hope you’ll enjoy the different vantage points experienced over the past few years.

Once I’ve caught up (for the moment) on posting videos, my ultimate goal is to link or possibly embed the videos on the appropriate show or performer page here on this site, so you can read about them and then go watch the videos of their performances.

But in the meantime, I simply couldn’t wait any longer to share, so I hope you’ll go check out the new Mousertainment channel on YouTube!

Mousertainment YouTube Channel Playlists Link

Update 9/20/16: Very excited to announce that one of my videos just hit 1000 views – yay!  Check out “Let it Go” from Frozen – Live at the Hyperion!


2 thoughts on “My Labor of Love For This Labor Day Weekend – The Mousertainment YouTube Channel

  1. You seem very informed toward the identities of many characters. If I were to send a picture of one of the Cadaver Dans group, would you be able to identify the different people?


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