Performer Spotlight: Elsa @ Frozen – Live at the Hyperion

“Some people are worth melting for…”

Perfect Elsa.

Perfect Elsa.

What a difference a cast makes…

For those who read my spotlight on the Frozen – Live at the Hyperion show in Disney California Adventure, you’ll recall I wasn’t particularly thrilled with it. Okay, that’s an understatement. I thought the show was close to unwatchable – between length (it still needs at least 20 minutes cut out), production choices and casting decisions, I was extremely disappointed in the results.

But as they say, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and this week I’m going to address two performances that were absolutely right in very different ways when I recently went back to see the show for a second (and third!) time. And in the case of today’s performer, it was absolutely perfect.

Frankly, if the rest of this show was cast as well and aptly as this girl is, it would be a rousing success no matter what the rest of the issues were. However, that hasn’t happened.

Still, today, the focus is on what makes a performer and a role mesh so exquisitely it was like they were made for each other.

In the case of Elsa – first, the look.

Between her huge expressive eyes and a figure that fits the snow queen’s dress like it was drawn on her, this simply is Elsa. Stepped right off the screen.

Her physicality is completely on point – from her elegant hands creating the “magic” to her ability to work the costume from head to toe, especially the cape!

Second, the voice.

Elsa on the staircase.

Elsa on the staircase.

While the notes in “Let it Go”, Elsa’s iconic song, are so impossible to hit that even Idina Menzel herself has had problems with them, not only did this girl SLAY this song, but she did it RUNNING UP STAIRS! Yes, whatever genius direction/choreography decided that the best method of delivering a song that requires every last bit of breath available is to do it while in heels, holding up the bottom of a floor-length gown so as not to trip, AND running up a massive moving open staircase THEN —-SPOILER AHEAD—- doing a costume and hair change simultaneously… well, I just wonder if these people ever had to try this ridiculous feat themselves. And if not, they should be forced to do so repeatedly until they change this torturous staging!

And yet, as noted, this girl carried it off with total aplomb as if it was hardly any effort at all – and incredibly, her second rendition of the song that day was even more powerful than the first! An absolute queen.

Third, the performance.

Anna and Elsa are reunited after an act of true love thaws a frozen heart.

Anna and Elsa are reunited after an act of true love thaws a frozen heart.

A role like this requires (one hopes) the look, the voice and finally, the acting skills to inhabit a character that the entire world fell in love with when they first saw Frozen. And this girl knocks that out of the park, too. There is such depth and maturity in this performance that it’s like she’s practically in a different show compared to the rest of the cast simply entertaining at a theme park.

As young adult Elsa, she conveys the nerves and insecurities of her out-of-control powers, and then later, the awkward but loving relationship with her sister, Anna, as well as a growing confidence in her abilities tempered by her fear of what she can or might do. Finally, she presents the joy in learning how love can overcome fear and her smile is dazzling and irresistible all at once!

If ever a performer was a total match for a role – it’s this girl.

So if they’re ready to cast the forthcoming Broadway edition of the show, I think they already have their star in the making right here!

Check out some of this girl’s performance here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel!

Is she your favorite performer?


One thought on “Performer Spotlight: Elsa @ Frozen – Live at the Hyperion

  1. She is one of my favorite performers. Her talent is incredible and her personality is the greatest. She pours her heart and soul into every one of her performances. Whether or not it is as Elsa in Frozen at the Hyperion for the host of Disney Junior in California Adventure. Or as lead singer in one of the many bands that she performs with.

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