Downtown Disney Mousertainment – Hiatus

“I wanna rock with you…”


Some of the regular readers may recall my enthusiastic review of the Halloween Hiatus show at the Downtown Disney House of Blues last year.

Well, I’m super excited to note that this year’s Halloween show by Hiatus will be happening on October 19th at The Grove in Anaheim!

And not only that, as a warm up, the Hiatus band has been performing as part of “Rockin’ Wednesdays” this month in Downtown Disney on the stage by the ESPN Zone! I was lucky enough to catch their show last Wednesday and hope to attend next Wednesday’s show as well.

In the alternate two Wednesday nights in September, another terrific local group, Grilled Cheese Soundwich, has been performing – I’m hoping to catch their next show as well!

But last week and next it’s all about Hiatus!


They are an absolutely fantastic band with a massive lineup of performers. You never know which singers or musicians you may see at one of their gigs, but no matter who it is, they’re all so crazy talented and enjoyable it’s worth checking out!

The music in their shows appeals to pretty much everyone as they covered everything from rock classics like “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Don’t Stop Believin’” to pop music from Michael Jackson (“P.Y.T.” and “Rock With You” were on this set list) and Justin Timberlake (including a totally awesome rendition of “Can’t Stop the Feeling”!).


This group attracted the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen for a band in Downtown Disney – literally, I’ve never seen so many people there for all four sets from 6pm-10pm! Clearly they have a large fandom and also made new fans out of the guests just passing by who simply had to stop to enjoy the great music being played!

Do yourself a favor if you find yourself in the O.C. next Wednesday night and go catch a few sets with this band! It’s totally free and doesn’t require park admission to go to Downtown Disney.


Even better, grab a ticket for their full production Halloween show coming up next month – costumes are welcome!

Check out some of this band’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel

Have you seen Hiatus perform? What’s your favorite song that they’ve played?

Update 10/2/16: Rockin’ Wednesdays have been extended into October!  You can catch Hiatus in Downtown Disney on Wednesday, October 12th and Wednesday, October 26th.  Or go check out their Halloween Hiatus show on Wednesday, October 19th at The Grove in Anaheim!


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