Performer Spotlight: Mean Jean @ The Bootstrappers

“But I danced until the dawn…”

The choreographical stylings of Mean Jean!

The choreographical stylings of Mean Jean!

Ahoy there, mateys! This week thar’ be some celebratin’ of the piratical kind to be found. So grab yer grog as we set sail for uncharted seas…

Yeah, okay, that’s enough of that! But earlier this week it actually was “Talk Like a Pirate Day” and while I’m sorry I couldn’t celebrate the day with The Bootstrappers at Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, it does seem the perfect week to spotlight some more rascally members of this musical troupe!

And realizing that I’ve only focused on some of the men in this motley crew thus far, this weekend it will be some of the wenches’… err… ladies’ turns!

Today I’d like to celebrate that rambunctious redhead, Mean Jean!


And while her fiery wild hair and even wilder dancing may frighten off the faint of heart, I personally have a great fondness for seeing her out performing with the rest of the gang!

So skilled she can play the cymbals behind her back!

So skilled she can play the cymbals behind her back!

If you stop by a set long enough to appreciate it, you’ll discover she’s got a lovely low singing voice and as previously noted, her own signature style of movement. And it’s this, combined with her instrumental contributions on small finger cymbals that make her a fun participant in the musical shenanigans that occur!

Plus, somehow she manages to (somewhat) keep the rest of those scalawags in line when she’s with them – no easy feat!

She may not be everyone’s cup of tea (or should that be whisky?) when they first see her, but I like her quirky individuality and she makes me smile!

Besides, it just seems proper for these pirates to have a redhead to follow after!

Is she your favorite performer?


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