Downtown Disney Mousertainment – Grilled Cheese Soundwich

“You shook me all night long!”


As I mentioned in my recent feature on another favorite band – Hiatus – who have been playing in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort, the stage by the ESPN Zone has recently been hosting some “Rockin’ Wednesdays”. I’m incredibly excited that this September event has been extended into October as well, which means there are more opportunities to not only see Hiatus, but the fantastic Grilled Cheese Soundwich as well!

Mousertainment Tip: Grilled Cheese Soundwich will be getting cheesy in Downtown Disney this Wednesday, October 5th and two weeks later on Wednesday, October 19th. Hiatus will be playing the alternate two Wednesdays in Downtown Disney – the 12th and the 26th (and having their Halloween Hiatus show at The Grove in Anaheim on the 19th – tickets still available!). And if we’re really lucky, maybe management will notice what big audiences both of these bands attract and will want to extend them later into the year!

This week, I caught this terrific team performing four sets (from 6pm-10pm) and as always – they rocked their faces off!


Playing a wide variety of pop and rock music – seriously, their sets ran the gamut from Elvis to Bruno Mars to Neil Diamond to AC/DC to Meghan Trainor to Guns ‘n Roses – they brought in a big crowd of both longtime fans and guests just wandering through the area who decided to stop and check them out.

Air guitar time!

Air guitar time!

Many fans wore or picked up merchandise from the band while they were there ranging from t-shirts to the popular band scarves in an appropriately cheesy yellow color. The band wears their scarves, too, which make for a fun prop while they perform as they’re worn or hung anywhere from heads to necks to waists to hanging off a bass guitar.


This talented group has put on a great show each time I’ve seen them, but I think what makes them so special is this is so clearly such a tight-knit bunch of folks. You really can feel the love radiating off of them from the stage. They’ve performed together for years and it totally shows. Their comfort with each other and clear fondness for being together gives off the real “warm fuzzies” as they lean together and sing or play their instruments.


It just makes me so happy to watch people who love what they do and love making music together. The crowd feeds and feeds off of their energy in a beautiful wave of musical joy.

Besties making magic and music like one big family – what could be better?

Check out some of this band’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel

Have you seen Grilled Cheese Soundwich perform? What’s your favorite song that they’ve played?


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