Halloween Hiatus Monster Ball 2016 – A Wickedly Fun Event!

“The beautiful people, the beautiful people…”

Halloween Hiatus Monster Ball singers.

Halloween Hiatus Monster Ball singers.

Last year the Halloween show with local band Hiatus at the Downtown Disney House of Blues was my absolute favorite concert of the entire year. So this year’s event at The Grove of Anaheim had a pretty high bar to reach. I’m happy to report that this hopefully annual tradition was even more polished in its presentation than before with great performances from all of the musicians, singers and dancers!

The newly-named “Monster Ball” featured two comedic hosts – Frank ‘N Furter and Beetlejuice (as well as a special appearance by one of the Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters) – four lead singers (though both guitar players also got their chance to sing solos) and six dancers along with the talented band.

Halloween Hiatus Monster Ball dancers going a little… mad.

Halloween Hiatus Monster Ball dancers going a little… mad.

The dances were choreographed by the lead female dancer in the show and were absolutely outstanding! Some particular showstoppers were the girls dancing to “Dirty Diana” as well as always popular favorites “Thriller” and “Time Warp”.


A hallmark of a Hiatus show – whether they’re performing in Downtown Disney or at a bigger venue – is how much fun this group has putting on a show together. And the Monster Ball was no exception. Everyone supports, encourages and has amazing chemistry with each other onstage – whether they were doing solos, duets in different combinations or larger group numbers.

Hiatus is made up of so many different singers and musicians and they know just how to play to their individual and combined strengths. So everyone was simply fantastic in their turn in the spotlight!


And of course there are also the amazing costumes that everyone gets to wear for this special Halloween show! It’s always surprising to see what spooky (and some not so spooky) alter egos appear.


Plus this show gives these folks the chance to sing all kinds of eerie themed songs ranging from “This is Halloween” to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” to “Bring Me To Life”.


Once again, Hiatus has put on another all around incredible production! I was so glad I got to see them this year at The Grove (although I preferred the more intimate House of Blues venue from the year before, which sadly has closed).

My only complaint about the entire event is: I’m going to have wait another year for the chance to see anything like this again!

Check out some of this band’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel

Have you seen Hiatus perform at either a regular or Halloween event? Which do you prefer – an intimate show or a full-out production?


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