Mousertainment Miscellanea – I Didn’t Know That! #3 – Disney Floral & Gifts

Today we’ll spotlight another wonderful Disney Parks (and home!) service that not many people know about: Disney Floral & Gifts!

Did you know that you could have flowers sent to your Disney Parks Resort Hotel at either the Disneyland Resort or the Walt Disney World Resort?

How about Christmas stockings or even a Christmas tree?!

How about having your ENTIRE HOTEL ROOM decorated by Disney magical helpers and filled with Disney merchandise?

It can be done! With the help of the Disney Floral & Gifts Dream Makers team…

This is probably the best Disney service I’ve never actually had the opportunity to experience – but hope to someday!

At the Disneyland Resort, they offer options currently ranging from the $43.95 Minnie Magical Moment roses in a vase all the way up to Mickey and Minnie’s Grand Magical Welcome – Family featuring in-room decorations and gifts for $549.95. While at the Walt Disney World Resort, you can find anything from a Pixie Dusted Rainbow rose wand for $45.95 up to Mickey & Friends Ultimate Birthday Celebration featuring in-room decorations and gifts for $548.95.

The Dream Makers can also create a custom assortment for any occasion. But really, they seem to have something for everyone! Continue reading


Mousertainment Miscellanea – I Didn’t Know That! #2 – Disney Parks Recipes

This is an occasional feature to spotlight some lesser-known amenities that the Disney Parks offer.

Previously for Mousertainment Miscellanea, I discussed the Disney Parks Kennels, but in honor of Thanksgiving this week, my stomach… I mean… the blog… turns to thoughts of food!

Did you know that City Hall in Disneyland Park and the Chamber of Commerce in Disney California Adventure Park are both sources of recipes for Disney Parks meals?

Sadly, they don’t have the recipe for every dish served in the parks, however, if you go to one of these Guest Relations locations, and ask about a specific park restaurant or dish, they can tell you what they do have recipes for and will print them out for you!

Continue reading

Show Spotlight: Beauty and the Beast at The Royal Theatre

“Don’t I deserve the best?”



What is Beauty and the Beast at The Royal Theatre?


Like all shows at the Royal Theatre, this is an abbreviated small-scale live retelling of a popular Disney princess film.  In the style of a Renaissance Faire or vaudeville show, there is a mix of comedy and music to help re-tell this “tale as old as time” using props and costumes to represent the different characters.  The humor is aimed to appeal to both children and adults so everyone gets to laugh at something.  It runs approximately 20 minutes.

Here you will experience the highlights (the ballroom dance!) and the lowlights (Gaston’s attack on the Beast) from the movie told in a new and somewhat accurate way… Ahem, can anyone say pie fight?

Who are the performers?

Mr. Smythe, Belle, Gaston aka Mr. Jones, Faire Maiden

Mr. Smythe, Belle, Gaston aka Mr. Jones, Faire Maiden

Why Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, of course! This talented duo – with the help of the Faire Maidens and Princess Belle herself – help recreate the story of how this beauty met and fell in love with her beast.

They are accompanied by Sir Samuel of Morocco on the piano, and the audience also gets the chance to sing along to the beloved ballad, “Beauty and the Beast”.

When and where can I find it? Continue reading

Character Spotlight: Mickey Mouse at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts

In honor of the birthday of the Mouse that started it all, I thought today would be a good day to run through some of the places where you can see and/or meet with Mickey Mouse himself at both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

I’d suggest trying some of these spots!

Disneyland Resort


  • Mickey Mouse can often be spotted in Town Square on Main Street, USA doing a Meet & Greet with guests. But the best place to find him for daily Meet & Greets is in Mickey’s House in ToonTown!
Mickey Mouse March!

Mickey Mouse March!

  • Mickey Mouse joins the Disneyland Band and the Dapper Dans in a March-Along held generally around late morning or lunchtime each day.  While the March-Along is usually announced over the loudspeakers a few minutes beforehand in Town Square, your best bet is to check at City Hall in the morning to ask when it will happen. Mickey also participates in the Soundsational parade (and seasonally he can currently be seen in A Christmas Fantasy Parade).
Hiya Mickey!

Mickey says hi in his Mapmaker outfit!

  • Mickey and the Magical Map – watch Mickey Mouse learn the secrets of the map in this wonderful musical theatrical adventure as he aspires to become a fully-fledged mapmaker!

Check your daily Entertainment Times Guide or the Disneyland app for the schedules for the parades and showtimes. Continue reading

Cast Members Making Magic – Water Paintings

I first saw these wonderful creations at the Walt Disney World Resort, where custodial Cast Members would use water to animate Disney characters along the walkways of the Resort.

It wasn’t until last year around the holiday time that I finally saw Cast Members at the Disneyland Resort had learned the same skills!

One night I was walking around Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure when I came across these!

Minnie Loves Mickey!

Minnie Loves Mickey!

They can be easy to miss seeing – especially if you’re not looking for them – and many guests simply walked right across these beautiful pieces of art!

Yes, Cheshire Cat WAS the one I spied first. Wonderland radar. I can’t help it!

Yes, Cheshire Cat WAS the one I spied first. Wonderland radar. I can’t help it!

And though they can be challenging to see (and photograph!), I was thrilled to finally spot some at the Disneyland Resort!

Sulley from Monsters Inc.!

Sulley from Monsters Inc.!

That said, while admittedly I haven’t looked too regularly for more, I hadn’t seen any more since then either. But in the oddest bit of serendipity, two weeks ago I was again walking around Paradise Pier at night and thinking to myself, “what a shame they haven’t done more of the water paintings – I loved seeing those!” When what should I come across not two minutes later??? Continue reading

This Week in Mousertainment: TOMASINA, The 80z All-Stars and Love & War

“I just can’t get enough!”

Lately it feels like I’ve been running from show to show to show (and hitting the parks in between busily seeing sets of Dapper Dans and Bootstrappers and more!), so I thought I’d share a few of my musical adventures with you today!

As I’ve mentioned, Downtown Disney is the place to be for live music right now at the Disneyland Resort. If I could get there even more often, I would!

But I have had the great pleasure in the past week and a half of catching two of my favorite former Tomorrowland Terrace bands there: TOMASINA and The 80z All-Stars!

Both groups were making their Downtown Disney debuts and while I personally felt their wonderful choreography was a bit constrained by the smaller stage by the ESPN Zone, their energy was high and their talent shined through.

First up was TOMASINA.

The Queen herself.

The Queen herself.

“Like the ceiling can’t hold us,” indeed! This woman who made me a huge fan from the moment I first saw her on stage a few years ago still gives the same 150% full-on performance wherever she’s at. Whether it’s her use of outrageous costumes or her quirky moves or her incredible vocals, she’s a unique special creative artist that I love taking any opportunity to go see and hear.

Happily, she once again performed multiple musical genres including songs ranging from Lady Gaga to Kris Kross to AC/DC – and she killed it all as always! Seriously, I do not understand how this woman can do dance pop, rap and hard rock/metal and it all flows effortlessly from her. What can I say – that’s why her fans call her the Queen!

The boys in the TOMASINA band.

The boys in the TOMASINA band.

Next up was the return of The 80z All-Stars. Continue reading

The Time Has Come – A Farewell to T, Part Two

“Our time is running out…”

One of my last pictures at the end of the final night of the Diamond Mad T Party.

One of my last pictures from the end of the final night of the Diamond Mad T Party.

Yes, you will feel like you stepped through the looking glass as we take one more farewell look back at some of the amazing performers from The Mad T Party, whose stage has now gone the way of all things park-past…

Today we’ll turn a spotlight on:

Mad Hatter:

Hatter singing his face off – and ours, too – while Dormouse peeks around from the side!

Hatter singing his face off – and ours, too – while Dormouse peeks around from the side!

This guy brought me to tears with the beauty of his farewell speeches both at the end of the run of the original Mad T Party as well as the Diamond Mad T Party. Somehow he managed to captured the emotions, the gravity and the beauty of the experience and express it so eloquently to the fans both new and old. And I’ll never forget those moments.

But what I remember most about him on the Mad T stage was not his singing and hosting talent (which he had in abundance), so much as the incredible generosity of spirit he had towards his co-host Alice. He was always beyond gracious and encouraging letting her take the spotlight and show what she could do, and it is a rare kind of class and selflessness in a lead performer to give someone else the space to shine. He repeatedly impressed me with his positive, respectful, and supportive treatment of his fellow cast. Kudos. Continue reading