You’ve Lost Your Muchness – A Farewell to T, Part One

“We are not permanent – we’re temporary, temporary…”

The Hollywood Backlot – former home of the Mad T Party.

The Hollywood Backlot – former home of The Mad T Party.

Over the past few weeks, construction (destruction?) in the Hollywood Backlot at Disney California Adventure has taken down the last remnants of the dance parties other than the often-shuttered drink stands. The Mad T Party main stage that also once hosted the ElecTRONica dancers is no more.

It’s a painful unreality now to walk back there, where once a magically mad band, DJ’s, dancers, aerialists, flamingoes and a WhoRU entertained the evening crowds.

Over the past two years on this site, I’ve celebrated a lot of the incredibly talented folks who performed regularly there, but I never quite got around to featuring everyone. So this weekend, I’d like to give a few more T shout-outs to a few more folks who kept the party going over the years. I don’t have pictures of the entire cast there, so we’re missing at least a Cheshire Cat as well as some of the dance crew.

But here are a couple more folks who we’ll give a tip of a haT to including:

Mad Hatter:

Hatter and Caterpillar.

Hatter and Caterpillar.

This guy always kept the ladies in the crowd cheering between his dance moves and his husky voice.


Alice and Dormouse.

Alice and Dormouse.

This girl has a technically amazing voice – there is such a strength and control to it. She was always incredible to listen to! I think my favorite time ever seeing her on the T stage was one night when she got to do a rare Alice-only set and she just took the stage on with no other distractions and nailed it vocally and was most relaxed in interacting with the crowd on her own terms.

March Hare:

March Hare on bass.

March Hare on bass.

The thing about this guy was he was always grinning as if he got such a big kick out of what he was doing on the stage – from the music to the crazy outfit. Like he knew it was really goofy but he was having fun anyway!




Nothing. But. Trouble. This guy was notorious for wandering away from his keyboard and messing with the other folks on stage by interrupting them or making faces or re-adjusting their microphone stands or instruments when the performers were otherwise engaged.

Hilariously naughty! He was also known to play his keyboards from the wrong side (with his back to the audience)!


Tweedle dancing with the White Rabbit DJ.

Tweedle dancing with the White Rabbit DJ.

Oh, wow – this guy is just a born all-around entertainer. He can sing, he can rap, he can dance (killer moves even in those crazy boots!), and he’s super funny with his improvisation and quips. You always knew it would be a fun night with this Tweedle around!

Okay, just had to include this shot, too, of him dancing with one of the techs on stage!

Okay, just had to include this shot, too, of him dancing with one of the techs on stage!

More to come tomorrow!

Did you ever see any of these performers at The Mad T Party? Were any of them your favorite?


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