This Week in Mousertainment: TOMASINA, The 80z All-Stars and Love & War

“I just can’t get enough!”

Lately it feels like I’ve been running from show to show to show (and hitting the parks in between busily seeing sets of Dapper Dans and Bootstrappers and more!), so I thought I’d share a few of my musical adventures with you today!

As I’ve mentioned, Downtown Disney is the place to be for live music right now at the Disneyland Resort. If I could get there even more often, I would!

But I have had the great pleasure in the past week and a half of catching two of my favorite former Tomorrowland Terrace bands there: TOMASINA and The 80z All-Stars!

Both groups were making their Downtown Disney debuts and while I personally felt their wonderful choreography was a bit constrained by the smaller stage by the ESPN Zone, their energy was high and their talent shined through.

First up was TOMASINA.

The Queen herself.

The Queen herself.

“Like the ceiling can’t hold us,” indeed! This woman who made me a huge fan from the moment I first saw her on stage a few years ago still gives the same 150% full-on performance wherever she’s at. Whether it’s her use of outrageous costumes or her quirky moves or her incredible vocals, she’s a unique special creative artist that I love taking any opportunity to go see and hear.

Happily, she once again performed multiple musical genres including songs ranging from Lady Gaga to Kris Kross to AC/DC – and she killed it all as always! Seriously, I do not understand how this woman can do dance pop, rap and hard rock/metal and it all flows effortlessly from her. What can I say – that’s why her fans call her the Queen!

The boys in the TOMASINA band.

The boys in the TOMASINA band.

Next up was the return of The 80z All-Stars.

In some shocking news for longtime fans of this band… lead singer Nigel has retired his trademark spiky wigs!

Nigel unwigged!

Nigel unwigged!

Yes, while still keeping his colorful 1980’s style, he has traded in the peacock punk look for a hair band headband! I must say it took a little time for me to adjust… but I ultimately decided I liked it!

Fortunately nothing else was lost in the transition from Tomorrowland to Downtown Disney. The guys are as fun and wild on stage as ever and in one of the features I like best about 80z All-Stars shows, they still manage to keep their repertoire varied so you never know what song they’ll play next! Will it be Duran Duran, Def Leppard or Depeche Mode? Prince or Run DMC or New Kids on the Block? You may not guess, but whatever it is, it’s going to be a kick to sing along and dance to as they play! And this show was no exception. It was so upbeat that I walked back to the car that night humming and smiling from the great time I’d had!


The other big show I caught this week was off-site at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano but it included a boatload of fabulously talented people featured in many of my favorite local bands (including Hiatus, Faultlines and Grilled Cheese Soundwich).

This concert was to celebrate the album release of Love & War (available on iTunes and other music services) – a Kickstarter project of original tunes that involved many of the singers and musicians from those aforementioned bands. During the show, I think they played just about every song on the new album – and the musical styles were everything from ballad to pop to hard rock. By the end of the night, I was sold and I definitely plan to buy this album!

The night started with an opening acoustic trio who did a short but fun set of cover songs. I think my favorite was a beautifully harmonized mashup of “Thinking Out Loud” and “Let’s Get It On”.

Opening act acoustic trio.

Opening act acoustic trio.

Once they were finished it was time for the main event – a full out rock show with lights, lasers and a crazy talented set of musicians who were joined by different lead singers with each song (just like on the album).

Love & War.

Love & War.

While I found several of the Love & War tunes very catchy (I was barely able to contain myself dancing in my chair to “Has Anybody Seen Her” and there was definitely head-banging happening during “Look at Me Now”), I think the showstopper for me that night was the wonderful ballad “Paper Planes”. The raw emotional performance by the singer was unparalleled. Just exquisite! But it really was an all-around awesome show!

The performance of the ballad “Paper Planes”. Such a beautiful moment.

The performance of the ballad “Paper Planes”. Such a beautiful moment.

I think I’ll be spending this weekend catching up on my sleep after several late nights of shows, but every single one of them was a winner. Whether it was for cover songs or original music, it’s worth missing sleep when I get to experience this kind of crazy talent!

Taking a bow at the Love & War show.

The band taking a bow at the Love & War show.

That said, I think for now I’m going back to bed… with melodies and harmonies still circling in my head…

Check out some of TOMASINA’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel

Check out some of The 80z All-Stars’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel

Did you go see any live shows this week? What made them memorable to you?


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