Show Spotlight: Beauty and the Beast at The Royal Theatre

“Don’t I deserve the best?”



What is Beauty and the Beast at The Royal Theatre?


Like all shows at the Royal Theatre, this is an abbreviated small-scale live retelling of a popular Disney princess film.  In the style of a Renaissance Faire or vaudeville show, there is a mix of comedy and music to help re-tell this “tale as old as time” using props and costumes to represent the different characters.  The humor is aimed to appeal to both children and adults so everyone gets to laugh at something.  It runs approximately 20 minutes.

Here you will experience the highlights (the ballroom dance!) and the lowlights (Gaston’s attack on the Beast) from the movie told in a new and somewhat accurate way… Ahem, can anyone say pie fight?

Who are the performers?

Mr. Smythe, Belle, Gaston aka Mr. Jones, Faire Maiden

Mr. Smythe, Belle, Gaston aka Mr. Jones, Faire Maiden

Why Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, of course! This talented duo – with the help of the Faire Maidens and Princess Belle herself – help recreate the story of how this beauty met and fell in love with her beast.

They are accompanied by Sir Samuel of Morocco on the piano, and the audience also gets the chance to sing along to the beloved ballad, “Beauty and the Beast”.

When and where can I find it?


The show plays daily in the Royal Theatre next to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Fantasyland. Generally, Beauty and the Beast is performed the first three shows of the day, with Tangled performed the last three shows. However, the schedule is always subject to change, so you should not only consult the daily Entertainment Times Guide or Disneyland app for times, but also double-check the sign just outside the theatre itself to confirm which show is playing when!

Why spotlight it?


In a few days, it will be the 25th anniversary of the original release of the film Beauty and the Beast (December 22, 1991). So it seemed a fitting time for me to return to the Royal Theatre and revisit this delightful show.

Some changes have been made since it originally bowed (along with Tangled) in this venue. Sadly, the animatronic Lumiere has left, along with the shtick of Mr. Jones performing the roles of Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth with the teapot and clock props. Instead, Mr. Jones now (literally) changes hats to evoke all three characters in various challenging but highly entertaining exposition moments.

The many hats of Mr. Jones.

The many hats of Mr. Jones.

It is a very different kind of production than the character version of the show found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the Walt Disney World Resort. But it still manages to amuse and enchant – in large part due to Mr. Smythe’s shy, sweet Beast and Mr. Jones’ overconfident Gaston. And of course, the awwww-inspiring moment of Belle’s appearance for the ballroom scene.

While not my favorite production here in the Royal Theatre (that title remains with Tangled), the endearing and enduring Beauty and the Beast is still miles ahead of the former Frozen production here, and I’m very glad it has resumed its spot in the play rotation at Fantasy Faire.

Have you seen Beauty and the Beast at the Royal Theatre? Is it your favorite production there?


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