Mousertainment Miscellanea – I Didn’t Know That! #2 – Disney Parks Recipes

This is an occasional feature to spotlight some lesser-known amenities that the Disney Parks offer.

Previously for Mousertainment Miscellanea, I discussed the Disney Parks Kennels, but in honor of Thanksgiving this week, my stomach… I mean… the blog… turns to thoughts of food!

Did you know that City Hall in Disneyland Park and the Chamber of Commerce in Disney California Adventure Park are both sources of recipes for Disney Parks meals?

Sadly, they don’t have the recipe for every dish served in the parks, however, if you go to one of these Guest Relations locations, and ask about a specific park restaurant or dish, they can tell you what they do have recipes for and will print them out for you!

This is somewhat of a step “down” from when some of the restaurant locations would have pre-printed recipes available for guests if they asked, but it’s at least a central location to find them if you REALLY want to try to make a particular dish at home – or just want a nice souvenir of your park visit and where you ate!

Big Thunder Ranch BBQ recipe booklet from the now-closed venue!

Big Thunder Ranch BBQ recipe booklet from the now-closed venue!

I am not sure if the Walt Disney World Resort Guest Relations locations offer this same service, but it can’t hurt to ask!

Have you ever wanted a recipe for a particular Disney park meal? Have you been successful finding it at a Guest Relations location?


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