Performer Spotlight Flashback: Tex Tumbleweed @ Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue Stage Show


A year ago this week, one of my favorite shows and venues in Disneyland Park closed its gates forever – on January 10, 2016, The Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue and its wonderful show with Miss Chris and Tex Tumbleweed entertained and fed guests for the last time.

I still don’t think there’s a location, restaurant or show that compares in the Disneyland Resort (though there may be one or two at Walt Disney World Resort) and I miss it greatly.

In retrospect, although I visited quite often, especially in its last two years of operation, I wish I’d visited more and I’m very sad I never took video there as I was too busy eating the wonderful food and watching the terrific show!

But no matter how often you visit a show at a Disney park, there are some performers you may see fairly often and others that seem like they are as rare a sighting as a unicorn.

In honor of the BBQ and its show, today I’ll flashback to the one and only time I was lucky enough to catch this guy there and share a few pics from the day.


The thing that struck me when I watched this guy sing was just how natural it was – there was nothing hokey-cowboy or cornpone about him (well, okay, other than maybe the outfit!). There was no affectation or over the top quality. He reminded me of Clint Black – just a guy playing a guitar and singing country songs simply and beautifully. It was a wonderful accompaniment to a meal – and actually, I was so distracted watching him perform that I let my food sit there getting cold! He was just that good and it was that enjoyable just listening to him sing.


I’m so sad I only ever saw him there the one time. This was one of my favorite experiences in the park that I ever had. Sometimes all you really need is a guy and a guitar…

Was he your favorite performer?


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