Two Years of Mousertainment

It’s incredible to me, as I scroll through two years of articles I’ve written here on this Mousertainment site, to think about all the folks from around the world who’ve stopped by to check out the site during that time.

My extreme thanks to those of you who chose to stay awhile and have opted to follow the site and get notifications whenever I post new features. I hope I can further entertain and inform you in the next year.

It was my original intention – and one that I continue to honor – to celebrate the talented people and wonderful shows I’ve had the pleasure of getting to see regularly over the past several years at the Disney Parks and Resorts.

I’ve also enjoyed getting to cover the occasional off-site show or topic as well. But they usually have a Mouse-y connection somewhere!

As I embark on year three, I intend to go see more shows, discover new amazing performers and bring them to your attention. (Although perhaps at a slightly reduced posting pace – likely only one feature per week unless circumstances and subjects dictate otherwise!)


It’s also my dream for this year to return to the Walt Disney World Resort as it has been too long since my last visit and I miss seeing the singers and dancers and musicians and shows there! If I can work out a trip later this year, I promise to return with more photos, videos and reviews of the current state of entertainment at that Resort!

Regarding videos, it was with great excitement this past year that I introduced:

The Mousertainment YouTube Channel

which has been hosting videos I’ve taken over the last few years.

There are currently over 400 videos posted and it is constantly growing as I attend more shows and film new and ongoing favorite performers!

As I add videos, I’ve also gone in and included links on those show pages, so if you like reading about The Dapper Dans of Disneyland or The Mad T Party or The 80z All-Stars, for example, you can go check out videos of their performances, too!

Speaking of The Mad T Party, which was my main inspirational starting point for this site – the Diamond Mad T Party was sadly one of the entertainment casualties of 2016. And it wasn’t the only one. There were no Bell-Ringers on Buena Vista Street at Christmas Time, and of course as noted in yesterday’s flashback feature, the Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue Show has been put out to pasture as well.

That said, there is still great entertainment happening at the Disney Parks and Resorts and I look forward to covering more of it in 2017!

Thank you for supporting live musical entertainment wherever you are and thank you for reading this site!

Onward to Year Three!


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