Paradise Garden Bandstand – The Ellis Island Boys

The Ellis Island Boys at Paradise Garden Bandstand.

The Ellis Island Boys at Paradise Garden Bandstand.

The Paradise Garden Bandstand is a small covered stage in the midst of the Paradise Garden eating area of Disney California Adventure. Conveniently located near several quick service food stands with plenty of seating to be found, it’s a great place to stop and relax in the midst of the noise of Paradise Pier.

While lately the stage been used by cultural entertainment themed to the various festivals (recently Viva Navidad and currently the Lunar New Year celebration), between the festival times it is home to some recurring bands such as Sligo Rags (a Celtic band that is a great favorite of a friend of mine and on my want-to-see list) and the group I’ve seen there a few times – The Ellis Island Boys.


The “story” for this group is that all of them are immigrants from other countries, such as Italy, Ireland and Germany, who came here through Ellis Island in New York.

They wear period garb and perform mostly 1920’s-1940’s era music on instruments ranging from guitar and upright bass to washboard and brass.

They’re charming and delightful and fit the theming of the area nicely.


While I don’t get over there nearly as often as I should, I can highly recommend stopping by the Paradise Garden Bandstand – no matter who is playing there – to take some time to enjoy another option for live entertainment in the parks. And maybe grab some food nearby while you’re at it!

Mousertainment Tip: Generally the performing hours at this location start around 11:30am or so and run until about 5:30pm or so. Check your daily Entertainment Times Guide or the Disneyland app for the schedule. There is also usually a sign right next to the bandstand with specific set times listed there.

Have you listened to the musical entertainment at the Paradise Garden Bandstand? Who was playing when you were there?


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