Downtown Disney Mousertainment – The Suffragettes

Make it last forever, friendship never ends…”

The Suffragettes sing in Downtown Disney!

The Suffragettes sing in Downtown Disney!

The Suffragettes are another band that originated at Tomorrowland Terrace at Disneyland Park and have now found their way out to the main stage by the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. In a case of “too many bands, too little time”, I’m embarrassed to say that although I’d wanted to, I’d never seen this all-girl band (hence their name) until this week!


While some of the performers in this group were familiar to me – you may notice a lot of talent crossing in between many of the awesome bands I feature here – some were new to me as well. And none disappointed!


What makes this group special and unique (for me) is not that it’s composed of only women – what I enjoyed was getting to hear a three-part harmony and have essentially three lead singers in one show! While most of the other bands who perform here have one or two lead singers – along with some musicians who can sing as well – these were three really talented headliners who each took turns at the front to sing songs as well as doing some great group numbers (Spice Girls!). The harmonies reminded me strongly of Wilson Phillips at times. Yet the musical choices ranged from multiple decades and styles – from current pop (“Can’t Stop the Feeling”, “24K Magic”) to rock (“I Love Rock ‘n Roll”) to even a little bit of country (Shania Twain and Rascal Flatts). It was a great selection of music to listen to!

As an all-girl group, I think The Suffragettes were just as entertaining and talented as any other all-guy or mixed guy/girl group that performs as part of these Rockin’ Wednesdays in Downtown Disney. With that said though, I did notice something special as these gals performed that I’d never seen with any other group there – namely, that throughout the night, a LOT of families with little girls were stopping as their daughters insisted on wanting to watch The Suffragettes sing. While plenty of people stop in the area for all the bands, the specific numbers of little girls, maybe 6-9 years old who were simply entranced (and likely inspired) by the ladies performing on stage was just charming and heartwarming.


These days with so many bands that I’m a fan of, I sometimes hesitate going to see more especially when I expect to like them. But yes, count me now as another fan of this great group – I look forward to seeing The Suffragettes again!


Check out some of this band’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel

Have you seen The Suffragettes either at Tomorrowland Terrace or Downtown Disney? What’s your favorite song that they do?


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