Season’s Treatings – Main Street Electrical Parade Themed Treats at the Disneyland Resort

The bottom level of this case in Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney displays some of the Main Street Electrical Parade sweets available including marshmallow wands, cake pops and a rice crispy treat.

The bottom level of this case in Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney displays some of the Main Street Electrical Parade themed sweets available including marshmallow wands, cake pops and a rice crispy treat.

Both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts have become wonderful places for limited-time meals, snacks and desserts. I was crazy about some of the Halloween Time food offerings last year! So I was excited to hear about some special themed treats to celebrate the limited return to Disneyland Park of the beloved Main Street Electrical Parade (a show which I will be featuring here next week)!

In general, when it comes to desserts, there had better be a lot of chocolate involved or I’m not likely to be very tempted. However, the sheer cuteness factor of some of these goodies encouraged me to step out of my normal chocolate-only taste zone and here were my impressions…

The first thing I simply had to try was the Cheshire Cat shortbread cookie! Granted, there was just a nominal amount of white chocolate involved here, but… Cheshire Cat!

Cheshire Cat cookie.

Cheshire Cat cookie.

This actually is a layered item with a round sugar-striped cookie ring atop a layer of strawberry marmalade atop another cookie with a white chocolate Cheshire Cat piece at the center of it all.

Here is a sideways view to see the levels of this:


The whole effect reminded me of one of the Queen of Hearts’ stolen tarts and despite the lack of serious chocolate, I liked this one as a light sugary treat and thought it was a good-sized cookie snack! The cookie itself was fresh and just soft enough for me, as I don’t care for too-hard crunchy cookies. Recommended especially for berry-flavor-lovers and Wonderland fans!

Next, I had to go with a slightly more chocolate-y offering – the Peanut Butter & Jelly Éclair!

First, I have to say, I’m not an éclair fan – I don’t generally like gooey stuff inside my pastries. But I was planning on splitting this with a friend who loves eclairs, so I figured it was worth a try. Plus – who doesn’t love PB&J in unexpected places?

The Peanut Butter & Jelly éclair.

The Peanut Butter & Jelly éclair.

Here’s how it went – first I took the separate chocolate piece featuring Main Street Electrical Parade art off the top and set it to the side for last. Next, I split the éclair and handed a piece to my friend who loves eclairs, who took one bite and put it down and said, “you can finish it”. Uh-oh. I then took a bite and only tasted jelly. Then I took another bite and only tasted peanut butter. Finishing it off, it seemed that the peanut butter all sloshed to one side and the jelly to the other, never really mixing properly, so it all just tasted… unfinished and mushy. There wasn’t much chocolate flavoring to the icing either, and the art piece on top was just lightly chocolate-y. Though it was pretty!

Here’s a view of what it looked like inside:


Personally I think I would have enjoyed this more without the filling – basically as a chocolate-frosted donut, but either way, I found it very bland and would not recommend it.

I was starting to get worried I wouldn’t find a real taste winner when I decided to wander over to Pooh Corner in Critter Country to see what was being made in their candy kitchen. Out of the various choices there, I opted for a cake pop. Larger than the average Disney cake pop, there were two different float-themed character choices – the snail or the turtle. I opted for the turtle (I think – both the cast member and I kept getting confused with my order!). Now, if you have a flavor preference, be aware these cake pops are being offered in vanilla, chocolate and I think red velvet flavor, too! So be sure to specify which, if any, you are looking for!

Turtle cake pop!

Turtle cake pop!

No surprise, I wanted the chocolate one!

Here is an inside view:


Of everything I tried, this definitely was my favorite! Nice rich moist chocolate cake with chocolate candy buttons and a marshmallow turtle “head” in a just-filling-enough snack size. Win!

Mousertainment Tip: While some of these limited treats can be found at multiple snack locations throughout the Disneyland Resort, other items, like the Cheshire Cat cookie and the PB&J éclair were only available at the Jolly Holiday Bakery in Disneyland Park when I went looking for them. Other exclusive treats were found at the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor or even the Market House/Starbucks on Main Street! So make sure to check for signs on restaurant counters or not-so-obvious displays in cases throughout the food locations right now to find more of these special goodies!

Overall, I loved the creativity and theming of these items more than the flavor and would likely opt for other regular park favorite desserts over these. However, I appreciated the artistic attempts!

There are tons more unique treats from cream puffs to a parfait and macarons themed to this colorful parade – so keep your eyes (and mouths?) open this season!

Have you tried any of the Main Street Electrical Parade themed food options? Which was your favorite?


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