Beauty and the Beast Limited Time Offerings at the Disneyland Resort

Stained glass decoration at the Red Rose Taverne.

As I mentioned last month, I was very much looking forward to checking out some of the new Beauty and the Beast promotions happening at the Disneyland Resort starting this month. Now that I’ve had time to visit some of them (and a few more than once!), I thought I’d share some details on what you may find there!

Enchanted Rose at the Red Rose Taverne – it glows!

Definitely my favorite temporary addition – one that I wish would become permanent – is the overlay of the Village Haus counter service restaurant into the Beauty and the Beast-themed Red Rose Taverne. Not only is the theming overlay wonderful – as the original Pinocchio-themed decorations and artwork have been covered up or replaced by tributes to Belle, Beast and Gaston – but the food is a massive improvement as well!

I have now eaten there three times and despite my wanting to try multiple options there (the beef poutine and the grey stuff cupcake are still of interest!), I keep returning for the wonderful Beast’s Burger with pommes frites!

This picture was taken the first time I had this burger – you’ll notice lots of beef on top. The second time I ordered this, there was virtually no beef on top and I had to go back to the counter to ask for more. The third time I ordered this, there was more than the second time but less than the first!

Not only is the beef-topped burger terrific-tasting and very filling (note: I opted to leave off the onions that normally come with this burger), but the meal includes my beloved pommes frites – previously only found at Café Orleans! I would go just for the pommes frites to be honest, but this burger has quickly become my current favorite burger option at the Resort as the shredded beef topping and the cheese add some nice juicy flavor to the otherwise fairly standard medium-cooked burger patty.

I still have yet to be there when the very coveted Enchanted Rose covered plastic cup is available, but having seen one in person recently, it doesn’t really call my name anyway although it is a very cool beverage container! I’ve heard that this cup was also made available at the Walt Disney World Resort (likely at the Magic Kingdom), but supplies there are likely limited as well as these sell out quickly!

Yes, Gaston still uses antlers in all of his decorating – great job, Imagineers!

This location has been super-popular since the day it opened and you may experience a wait to get in – but it is definitely worth the wait! 

I also tried and enjoyed the special themed “Grey Stuff Twist” with the extra “Grey Stuff” dipping sauce now available at Maurice’s Treats in Fantasy Faire. While I thought the Twist was a fine light flaky pastry unto itself, being able to dip it into the “Grey Stuff” (aka Oreo-flavored mousse) added an extra level of richness to it that was quite sweet and tasty.

The Grey Stuff Twist with Grey Stuff dipping sauce from Maurice’s Treats.

After stopping at the cart to grab that snack, I decided to visit the Royal Theatre to catch a performance of Beauty and the Beast there. It’s always fun to see Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones’ interpretations of the classics and of course, it’s always magical to see Princess Belle!

Mr. Smythe (as the Prince/Beast) and Belle at the Royal Theatre.

Another exciting experience to coincide with the Beauty and the Beast celebrations are the character visits in Fantasyland!

Although in the three times I’ve walked through the area in the past few weeks I’ve only encountered the characters once, it was still wonderful to see Gaston preening and posing and it was really extraordinary to see Belle and Beast walking through the area.

Beast and Belle spotted in Fantasyland!

The only downside to the latter two was that they were flanked by Cast Members loudly proclaiming that the pair were merely walking through the area and would not stop for photos or a Meet & Greet. While I’m always happy to see characters out and about, it still seems frustrating to just have a walk-through with no chance to interact with them.

Wandering over to Disney California Adventure, I popped into the Sneak Peek at the Sunset Showcase Theater for the new live action Beauty and the Beast film. I didn’t actually stay to watch the preview as I had for Alice Through the Looking Glass. But I did want to check out the costume and props display in the lobby!

Belle’s dress costume and book prop from live action Beauty and the Beast at the Sneak Peek in Disney California Adventure.

While I’m not a big fan of these movie previews in the parks when there are so many more actual park attractions to experience, I do enjoy the costumes and props displays. I personally still would rather have an actual show or attraction in the theater, but if you happen to be in the Hollywood Backlot area, the display is cool to see.

Enchanted rose and magic mirror props from live action Beauty and the Beast at the Sneak Peek in Disney California Adventure.

If you’re visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, there is a related Beauty and the Beast props and costumes display currently showing in One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, too!

Have you had a chance to experience any of these Beauty and the Beast promotions currently happening at the Disneyland Resort? Which is your favorite?


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